The Parent and Community Advisory Board is comprised of members of the community, professionals and parents who can support and advise the academy.

The role will be threefold (3 Cs):

to support the school regarding any Concerns,

provide positive links to the local Community and,

promote the school/ Celebrate achievements.

This board will meet at least once a term with the Principal. It will be formally minuted by a clerk and a PCAB member will report to the Governing Body. There are no statutory duties regarding Ofsted as they will be dealt with by the main Governing Body. The PCAB is mainly to support & celebrate.

Our PCAB consists of several members of our community, including parents:

Mrs E Atay


Mr A Stainsbury

Vice Principal

Having been a pupil myself at Westerings Primary Academy, I'm privileged to now be able to support the leadership of the academy in my role as Vice Principal, and to further enhance the provision for pupils through my work on the PCAB.
Having been a senior leader in Essex schools since 2011, I bring experience to the PCAB from a range of primary settings and communities.

Mr R Juniper

Link Governor

I’ve lived in Hockley for over 35 years, retiring in 2015 after a career in advertising and marketing. Working with many clients in the education sector, I developed a strong interest in education. Combined with the experience of having two daughters and two grandchildren educated in Hockley, led me to joining the Governing body of Westerings Primary Academy.
As Lay Governor, I provide independent oversight and challenge to the leadership team. I'm the local link to the AET Governing body for the Hockley cluster of Primary Academies. I am also responsible for ensuring that the Academy is compliant in all aspects of safeguarding and that the Academy and staff are appropriately trained.


Mrs M Barnes

Parent Member

Having migrated across from our Parent Forum group; a member of two years, Michelle has two children at Westerings in KS2.

Mrs N Graham

Parent Member

Having migrated across from our Parent Forum group (a member of two years), Nicky has had two children at Westerings Primary Academy.

Mr M Barrett

Local community member

Mrs J Duboux

Local community member

Mrs K Orwell

Clerk to the PCAB

Mrs G. Thompson

Local community member/Vicar

Mr S. Mothersole

Local AET link teacher

PCAB Member area: