The Westerings Family

So many visitors to Westerings comment on the 'family feel' of our academy. From the pupils and parents, to staff and governors, we all work together to provide the best learning experience possible for our children.

Come and meet the family....!

Westerings is proud to employ more than 50 dedicated members of staff, each playing their part in providing an exceptional level of care and education for our pupils.

So, who's who?



Mrs M. Heatherson



Mr. A. Stainsbury



Mr. A. Towler

Administrative & Site Staff

Administrative Staff

Mrs L. Evans & Mrs G. Fance

Site Manager (AET B.O.A) Mr I. Daniell


Mrs C. Phipps & our dedicated contractors from Ridgecrest

Teaching & Learning Team

Class Teacher Maths Leader - Mrs C. Gaya

Class Teacher UKS2 Phase Leader - Mr A. Towler

Class Teacher EY Phase Leader - Mrs V. Benstead

Class Teacher Sports Leader - Miss S. Goodliffe

Class Teacher EPGS Leader - Miss A. Talbut

Class Teacher Performing Arts Leader - Mrs C. Rees

Class Teacher - Miss K. Harkin

Class Teacher Curriculum Leader - Miss A. Dee

Class Teacher Science Leader - Miss H. Coker

Class Teacher LKS2 Phase Leader - Mrs J. Galer

Class Teacher KS1 Phase Leader - Mrs R. Towler

Class Teacher Literacy Leader - Mrs G. Woods

Class Teacher MFL Leader - Mrs A. Ashwell

Class Teacher - Miss C. Neaves

Class Teacher - Ms Welsh

Class Teacher Art & DT - Miss M. Stryczek

Class Teacher - Mrs A. Donovan

Teaching and Learning Support Team/Others


Mrs R. Whitebread

Learning Mentor

Mrs A. Higginson

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs L. Grant

Mrs J. Cope

Mrs J. McBain

Mrs M. Marchant

Mrs E. Murphy

Mrs L. Cook

Mrs S. McGinley

Mrs M. Tomlinson

Mrs N. Geary

Mrs H. Hickman

Miss S. Brown

Mrs J Adusei

Mrs K Belcher

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

& Cover Supervisors

Mrs C. Evers

Ms T. Gadd

Mrs M. Chandler

Forest Schools Leader/HLTA

Mrs M. Collier

Chair of Governors

Mrs C. Galloway

Mid-day and Catering Team

Academy Cooks/Assistants

Mrs B. Plews

Mrs. G. Croxon

Mrs T. Long

Midday Supervisor

Mrs N. Barry

Midday Assistants

Mrs J. Tyrrell

Mrs C. Gunton

Mrs B. Baker

Mrs J. Clarke

Miss J. Clarke

Miss J. Viner

Night-Owls (ASC) Leader

Mrs L. Davies

Our 'Clever Clogs' pre-school staff and out-of-hours cleaning team information can be found on their respective websites. Our PCAB and Governor members can be found on the PCAB and Governor pages.