Contact Procedure & Complaints

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Contact Procedures

Westerings Primary Academy welcomes the partnership with our parents/carers. Communication has a vital role to play in ensuring this happens. Please would you follow the procedures below if you wish to discuss or let us know anything about your child, as your child's classteacher would not usually be able to accommodate you prior to morning lessons:

  • If you need to make your child's teacher aware of something, this could be done by way of a written note. Teachers read notes from parents during morning registration and this can be an effective way of letting them know of an upcoming absence, information about your child or something less urgent. A phone call to our office would also ensure your child's teacher is kept informed of anything relevant.
  • If you require an appointment to see your child’s class teacher, you should request this by contacting the main office who will speak to the teacher to arrange this. Please note that our staff regularly attend meetings before/after school and have responsibilities for preparing lessons or holding after-school clubs. For this reason, we request that appointments are made in advance.
  • If there are issues which cannot be resolved after speaking to the class teacher, please phone the academy to make an appointment with senior staff (Phase Leaders). These are as follows:

Upper KS2 - Mr Towler Lower KS2 - Mrs Galer KS1 - Mrs Towler EYFS - Mrs Benstead

  • Should senior staff be unable to resolve your concern, an appointment can then be made to speak with the Head of Academy (Mr A Stainsbury) or Executive Headteacher (Mrs M Heatherson).

We will, where possible, arrange meetings with teachers or senior staff within 24 hours. Correspondence to Governors should be in writing and given to the school in a sealed envelope, which will then be forwarded.

As an academy, we communicate with you via: Telephone calls, Letter, Newsletters, ParentPay, social media and the website. We also hold regular Pupil Progress Pop-ins for you to come into school to view your child's work.

Complaints Procedure

We hope that all problems can be dealt with by informal means. Should you have a complaint about the provision or services provided, please see our Complaints Policy in order to ascertain the necessary procedure.

The Claims Portal - If you are required to utilise the Claims Portal to submit a personal injury claim against us for either an employers or public liability matter then details of the correct portal ID and Compensator can be found on the attached link

We are a member of the Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) administered by the DfE.