Why Choose Westerings?

Choosing a primary school for your child is a tough decision, especially in an area with other good schools to choose from. Our pupils believe Westerings gives them the best start in life, and for many reasons.

We believe that these things are key to the Westerings ethos:

* Westerings is very much a family school.

We operate as a whole unit, with every child in every class playing their part. Everyone knows each other- all ages are familiar with each other, staff know children well across the school and everyone is a valued part of the team. This makes for a confident and happy school where tracking progress is easier. Whole school events from weekly assemblies to theme days, Sports Days and mixed age Family Group activities are fun for everyone and strengthen social skills and relationships. Family collaboration through Westerings Parent and Staff Association, the Parent Forum and everyday parent/carer partnerships play an important part in strengthening children's learning.

* Everything that we do is focussed on the need of individual children.

Extra support in class is allocated according to children's need. Learning starts from children's existing knowledge and skills. All areas of management including finance, health and safety, governance are focussed on ensuring best quality provision for children.

Teachers are facilitators of learning. We have not set in ability groups for some years as we believe that sitting in

pre-determined ability groups limits the children and what they think they can do, as well as limiting the teacher's expectations of them. Within lessons, teachers provide three levels of challenge and each individual child works at the level that suits them in that particular lesson. The levels are fluid so within the lesson all children can access a range of complexities and they can work at the pace and level that they as individuals need. With this approach we find children are not afraid to challenge themselves, try new things and appreciate failure as part of the learning process. They are also able to progress more rapidly within lessons on things they really need to do. This includes those working at a higher level who are able to access the highest challenges and these are often investigative or involve reasoning, deep thinking or application of skills within a complex problem. All children are expected to progress from their starting points so teachers plan lessons that will meet their needs.

* We believe that the world is an amazing place and we can all learn from everything around us.

We want all of our children to leave Westerings confident and keen to play an active part in the ever-changing world, with the skills to meet any challenge they face and to love the world around them. We base our teaching and learning outside as much as possible, take the children out to visit inspirational places and embrace new technologies and exciting ideas happening in the world outside the classroom.

This is what our Parents/Carers thought in a recent survey:

Parent/Carer Report Questionnaire July 2016.

100% said that their child is happy at this school.

100% said that their child feels safe at this school.

100% said that their child makes good progress at this school.

100% said that their child is well looked after at this school.

100% said that their child is taught well at this school.

93% said their child receives appropriate homework for their age

98% said that the school makes sure its children are well behaved

72% said that the school deals effectively with bullying, however, 28% did not know as they had had no experience of bullying at Westerings

98% said that the school is well led and managed

96% said that the school responds well to any concerns they raise

98% said that they received valuable information about their child’s progress

100% would recommend this school to another parent


Westerings Primary Academy is a successful school with pupils from age 4 to 11. We are a forward-thinking and morally driven academy, dedicated to ensuring the best opportunities for our children. Being part of Academies Enterprise Trust we are able to access the newest thinking in education and high quality professional support to help us prepare our children to be happy, well-rounded and successful citizens of the future. We do have high expectations for academic success but also for personal development. Our children are very well mannered, smart, happy and very keen to learn!

The children enjoy plenty of space and resources in a quiet and undisturbed learning environment. Other facilities inside the school include the children's cooking facilities, Breakfast Club, the IT equipment that includes floor robots, ipads, chromebooks and laptops; the bright and well-stocked Library and two spacious halls. Classrooms are fully equipped with Clever Touch screens, interactive hotboards, visualisers, iPads and much more...


The school is set in exceptionally beautiful and quiet surroundings adjoining Hockley Woods and the children enjoy learning surrounded by wildlife. The extensive grounds allow for a range of outdoor facilities to enrich their learning. Children may be seen working on their tennis skills on one of the playgrounds, hunting for bugs in the wildlife areas, movie-making with the ipads in the woods....We also have an outside amphitheatre built into the hillside, gardening area, adventure playgrounds, tyre park, large Reception Outdoor Area - there are lots of places for children to work and play.

Enrichment Activities

The children at Westerings Primary Academy enjoy a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to enrich their learning. We take our children out to lots of exciting places including the Science Museum, Anglia Water Museum, Southend Airport and Seafront, country parks, religious centres , to name a few. We also visit our local community to sing Christmas songs at local care homes, visit the library or explore the woods. Year Six love their week-long residential trip to Wales, where they can participate in some extreme sports in the welsh countryside and get very muddy! They love the surfing, coasteering, sailing and climbing in the welsh hills. Our Year Five children also have a residential trip when they can canoe, work on team building and enjoy the outdoors. Westerings offers a large number of clubs which may include Archery, Gymnastics, Karate, Science Club, Basketball, Table Tennis, Spanish, Dr Who Club, Music, Lego, Craft Club and Outdoor Explorers as well as the competitive sports of Football, Athletics, Netball and Cross Country Running. We run Change4Life Clubs and Skills4Life where all children can learn basic skills of cookery, gardening and keeping healthy. At Westerings, we have a strong partnership with Belchamps Scout Activity Centre, where our children visit to enjoy abseiling, high ropes, bushcraft and survival activities.

During the academic year all classes will be involved in performing class assemblies and a production to parent/carers. Reception children stage their own show at Christmas, as do Year One and two.Years Three and Four perform at Easter and Years Five and Six in July. Having several productions during the year enables all children to play a part and have a role. Every year children enjoy performing at Southend Cliffs Pavilion, The Palace Theatre, The Freight House, our outdoor Proms concert and larger venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and The O2 Arena. The children enjoy organising fundraising events for charities, often initiating and running these events themselves.

Use of new technology is a key element to our academy. Each class has its own Virtual Classroom on the website and our children use ipads, chrome books and a range of other equipment in their learning. E-Safety lessons are regular to ensure our children know how to be safe online.

Westerings Primary academy has achieved several awards based on the wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities and the children love to be busy!


In addition to their class, all of the children belong to one of four Family Groups: Squirrels, Badgers, Woodpeckers and Foxes. This allows for children of all ages to work and play together on special occasions and for them to build relationships with younger or older children. It helps with the transition between Key Stages and also adds to the family atmosphere where all staff and children know each other. New Reception children have Year 6 Buddies to look after them when they first enter school; and Year 5 and 6 Playleaders are trained to teach younger children games and co-operation skills.

A major part of our ethos is that we operate as a large family. Staff and children know each other well, regardless of Year Group and there is a real sense of friendship and belonging. Our children are very caring towards each other and the academy works as a cohesive unit. Visitors to the school often comment on the happy atmosphere and the excellent behaviour and maturity of the pupils.

Children say they love coming to school, feel at ease and are able to learn and progress well.


We have very supportive parents, some of whom help in classes, and an active Parent-Staff Association that raises important funds for the school and provides further enrichment events for the children and their families. Events have included Quiz Nights, Spa Evenings and May Fayres. Each Christmas, Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day, the WPSA run a Gift Shop where the children can purchase wrapped gifts for their family independently. The children also enjoy Discos, Pantomimes and seasonal events run by the WPSA and they have helped to buy important and exciting equipment for the school, including visualisers, Science equipment, iPads, the minibus, books and an adventure playground.

Academies Enterprise Trust (AET)

The school chose to become an academy in 2011 and joined 'Academies Enterprise Trust'. We work closely with the other academies and schools in Rayleigh, Hullbridge and Hockley as well as Rochford Extended Services. We have established links with other AET academies nationally and work with Primary Academies, Secondary Academies and Pre-Schools. Being an academy give us that freedom to make choices about the curriculum we deliver, our finances and processes; and enables us to make our own decisions about the experiences and education we want to offer our children.

Academic Results

Our academic results continue to be higher than National Averages . Out data analyses demonstrate excellent progress from the beginning of children's school journey to the end of KS2. Children new to the academy often do very well and progress rapidly.To view the most recent Performance Tables from the DfE, click on the following link:


Latest Ofsted Report

Westerings Primary Academy was graded ‘Good' or 'Outstanding' in all areas in the Ofsted inspection of 2017.

To read the full report, click on the following link:



At Westerings Primary Academy, we pride ourselves on being a school where ‘all children are known and valued as individuals’ (Ofsted 2012) and where Every Child Really Does Matter.

We look forward to welcoming your family to Westerings.

Mrs E. Atay, Principal