Our grounds & future building projects

Westerings Primary Academy is set back in a beautiful woodland setting in the village of Hawkwell. Surrounded by woodland, our pupils and staff get to work in an environment where every classroom faces trees, grass and (if all is quiet) wildlife which is hard to find in the neighbouring towns and villages. Come visit us for a tour of our academy and see for yourself just how beautiful our grounds are!

Encouraging bird wildlife.

Westerings is home to a range of wildlife, including our resident woodpecker 'Wilhelmina'! We've a range of special bird-feeding stations across our site to support and encourage avian visitors! Thanks to Pedigree Wholesale, we have ongoing supplies of high-quality bird seed for our pupils to regularly replenish our feeding-stations.

Take a look at this map (click the 'satellite' option) to see the beautiful surrounds...

Everyone at Westerings is very focused on doing whatever we can for our children so they have the best start in life. We are here to provide a service for our families and local community and we are proud of the provision that we offer. I’m sure that you would agree that all parents wish for their children to attend a good school in their locality.

We are a school that prides itself on the ethos that ‘every child matters’ and wish to continue providing the best provision possible for families. If you would like to know more about Westerings, please visit the school website: www.westerings.org . From there you can also access our dedicated YouTube Channel (@WesteringsAET). You can also visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/westeringsAET

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