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SUMMER 2018 - New virtual classrooms!

As well as building (actual) classrooms, our virtual classrooms have received an update too! Head over to our Virtual classroom pages to see what your child is getting up to in lessons!

SPRING 2018 - Our building work is well under way! Check out our special New Build website (click here) to see how it's progressing!


We would like to wish all our families a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for a prosperous 2018.

We will see you back on the 2nd January...

We are proud to have received a 5 STAR rating for health and hygiene in our school canteen! A HUGE well-done to Mrs Brooker and her team...




A new school year begins, and what a year we have in store for our pupils! Take a look at the virtual classrooms (here) to see the wonderful things going on across the academy!

We also welcomed the newest members of the Westerings family to our school this month. Hello to all the Conkers and Acorns pupils! Glad to have you along for the journey....


Hugely exciting news... we were the feature school for this month's TeachPrimary magazine! Check out our article in issue six!

You can download the full article at

We also have a copy in our foyer - pop in for a skim!

Issue 11.6 - £3.99 or available to digitally download from HERE

JULY 2017


Westerings Primary Academy was originally built for two classes in every year group. In 2009 it reduced to one class per year group. In response to increased popularity and demand for places, we began to re-offer two classes in Reception so those families who wished to send their children to Westerings could do so. Each year, we have been increasing by one class as the new children move through the school. We already have two Reception classes, two Year One classes and two Year Two classes.

We have always been proud of the fact that our children are all known as individuals and we have a close- knit family atmosphere. This has continued even with increased numbers in Key Stage One and we are confident that it will always be an integral part of our ethos, despite being a larger school. More children, classes and staff have meant that there are more opportunities for the children, a wider range of skills amongst staff, increased funding for better educational facilities and high quality staffing and a wider group of friends.

Over time, we have offered an area for a Pre- School to use on site which has been very useful for families with siblings but also for the transition between Pre-School and Primary School. We created a Breakfast Club in our Family Room, in which our new After School Club will also reside. Within another area we created a space for children working with our Learning Mentor. These child care provisions, alongside changing building regulations and increased demand for places have led to Westerings needing three extra rooms to accommodate the expanding school and it is these rooms that will be part of the extension within a separate block, joined by a covered walkway.

A letter inviting local residents to view and comment on the plans can be seen in Essex County Council's letter regarding the Exhibition. On the Essex County Council website there will be artists’ impressions reflecting the design. The final design proposals will be decided after this Pre-Planning stage.

You can also view our Travel and Parking Plan which highlights the various actions we have taken in the past few years to improve Parents/Carers' access to school and minimise disruption to local residents.

As with all building projects, there will inevitably be a period of disruption that we will need to carefully manage in order to maintain the high standard of children's learning and also to minimise disruption for our local residents. We are, however, very excited that the children will be able to have new, up to date facilities and more space in which to learn effectively. FURTHER DETAILS CAN BE FOUND HERE.

JULY 2017


Our wonderful year six class end their time at WPA. Check out their leaver's video here: