Welcome to Donaldson Class!

This class is currently led by the enthusiastic Mrs Childs with our HLTA, the amazing Mrs Thornley. The class is also lucky to have help from Mrs Smith, a hard working TA!

Our ethos is one of always trying our best and having a go, even when we are not certain.

When you walk into our classroom, the hustle and bustle of children hard at work (and play) will be the first sight you behold.

Below you can find resources relating to our current term and any relevant documents needed to make the most of your child's time in Donaldson Class.

Take a look at the adventures in learning we have been on. Click on one of the links below to have a peek at our discoveries...

September - December 2018

April - July 2018

Key Information


P.E. kit required for the afternoon.

New homework is set for Year 1 and Year 2.


P.E. kit required for the afternoon.


Spellings for Year 1 and Year 2 tested.

We kindly ask that P.E. kit be kept in school for the duration of the half term.

We also encourage children to have a personal pair of Wellington boots available.

How can I help my child at home?

Encourage your child to practise counting in groups e.g. counting in 2's and their times tables.

Practise number bonds to 10/20 to aid in their quick mental calculation skills.

Read regularly with your child and ask questions about what they have read.

Practise the spellings sent home and look at their practical application in wider life.

Our Medium Term plan documenting what we will learn until Easter 2019.

Spring MTP 2019 Donaldsons

These are the words we expect children to read and spell by the time they enter Year 3.