Resilient Reader

In school we follow the approach of the Resilient Reader – the Reading Superhero. Resilient Reader gives children the skills they need to become successful in both reading and comprehension and all the time we use the left hand / right hand mantra –

The left hand is used to summarise the text and ensures that the children have not ‘left’ anything out. The children use their left hand to skim the text and find the Who? What? Where? When? and Why? of the text.

Once the children are able to summarise securely they use their right hand to find the answers they need. If they use the right hand the answers will be ‘right’. The right hand is used to scan the text so that the children can find answers, explain, use inference, predict what might happen next and compare elements of the text.

Book Bag

Parents are encouraged to buy a Book Bag. This enables children to safely carry their books home and back to school again, hopefully preventing any getting lost. The Book Bag is also the place to find school letters. We encourage parents to check the bags on a daily basis for new books and any communication from school.