Plans & Progression

Long Term Plans & Progression Ladders

Below you can find our Long Term Plans (LTPs) and Progression Ladders for for Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2.

The Long Term Plans show the themes and topics the children are taught at each specific stage of their time at Utterby Primary Academy. The LTP is split into 3 terms, with each term having an overarching theme. Autumn Term is about 'People', Spring Term is about 'Fantasy' and Summer Term is about 'Places'.

The Progression Ladders detail the skills and knowledge the children learn at each stage.

We have arranged our curriculum by looking at the skills and knowledge we want our children to learn and when, and have then matched these with the topics that best allow us to deliver that in the most cross-curricular way possible. The curriculum is organised to allow children develop and build upon ideas, knowledge and skills over time, with each stage extending upon what has been developed beforehand.


LTP 2020-22 KS1 - with EYFS

Lower KS2 LTP

LTP 2020-22 LKS2

Upper KS2 LTP

LTP 2020-22 UKS2


NC ELGs mapping (EA)

British Values Coverage Grid

british values grid

SMSC Coverage Grid

SMSC Coverage Grid 2019-21

EYFS Progression Ladder

Skills Progression in the EYFS Curriculum

KS1 Progression Ladder

KS1 Skills Ladder - All Subjects

LKS2 Progression Ladder

LKS2 Skills Ladder - All Subjects

UKS2 Progression Ladder

UKS2 Skills Ladder - All Subjects