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An exam or examination is an official test that shows your knowledge or ability in a particular subject.

Students may be involved in internal and external examinations at various times throughout the year. It is essential that the school is informed of any possible absence from an examination well in advance of the date of the exam. It may be necessary for the school to ask you for reimbursement of the entry fee if a valid reason for the absence from an examination is not given in advance of the date.

Illness on the day of the examination must be reported to the school exam office as soon as possible and a medical note sent into the examination office at the earliest opportunity.

It is the aim of the Examinations Staff at Unity City Academy to ensure the examination periods run smoothly, with as little stress as possible for our students. In order for this to happen please familiarise yourself with the Key Information and documents provided.

Examination Calendar 2018/2019

To view the overall dates for all exams, please click here to view the Community Calendar.

Exam Timetables

To view the current examination timetable, please click here.

Student Weekly Examination Summer 2019

To view the student weekly examination timetable, please click here

Examination Rules and Regulations

To view the JCQ and regulations, please visit the JCQ website here.

Examination Policies

To view all the examination policies, please click here.

Examination Concessions and Access Arrangements

Access Arrangements are are pre-examination adjustment for candidates based on evidence of need and normal way of working in line with JCQ regulations.

These regulations reflect a whole school approach to Access Arrangements. The Principal, SLT and SENCo familiarise themselves with the entire contents of the regulations found here https://www.jcq.org.uk/exams-office/access-arrangements-and-special-consideration

The SENCo, works closely with teaching staff, members of the Senior Leadership Team, Learning Support Assistants and Exam Office personnel to ensure that approved Access Arrangements are put in place for internal exam tests, mock examinations and GCSE/Vocational examinations.

Access Arrangements include:

      • Bi-lingual dictionary with 10% extra time
      • Computer reader
      • Exam on coloured/enlarged paper
      • 25% extra time
      • Reader
      • Scribe

An On-line application must be submitted by the Academy in order to obtain an Access Arrangement for a student. The Academy will then refer to the specific exam awarding bodies for their guidance on how to accommodate each individual student arrangement.

Student Examination Guide

To view the Student Examination Guide, please click here

Tips on approaching your examinations

  • One of the best ways to beat your nerves on exam day is plan ahead and be prepared!
  • Try to reach your revision targets but don’t study too much and leave yourself tired.
  • Get a good night’s rest, eat well and drink plenty of water.
  • Get organised - check you have everything you need and understand what is involved.
  • Arrive for your exam in good time – you will add to the pressure if you are running late.
  • Exam papers have all the guidance you need. Take the time to understand the questions, the marks involved and which questions appear difficult. Start with your strongest areas offering the most marks to give yourself a confident start..
  • Try to leave enough time to read through your answers before the exam closes.
  • You cannot change answers once the exam is finished so don’t worry about questions you found difficult, or you feel may not be correct. Instead, try to think about how you can improve your approach ready for your next exam.

Examination Revision Techniques and Links

Please click on relevant department to view their revision techniques and tips:

Art & Design, Dance, Design & Technology, English, Ethics, Film Studies, French, Geography, Health & Social Care, History, ICT, Computer Science & Business, Mathematics, Performing Arts, Photography, Physical Education and Science.

Please click on the above link to access Seneca's learning resources which will help with your revision for your forth coming examinations.