The Library is a fantastic resource where students can borrow one of many books to read during lessons and at home.

Like anything else, reading is a skill that becomes better with practice. Reading for pleasure is critical for ensuring that the practice needed to become fluent becomes part of the learners’ everyday life, and is not just seen as a classroom-based activity.

As well as books we also offer a range of enrichment activities at the end of the school day, such as chess, crafts, board games and a book club.

Library Opening Time

Monday to Thursday - 8.15am - 4:00pm

Friday - Closed

Our library is open at break and Lunch time, Monday to Thursday. Students are free to read, socialise or use the computers during these times.

Students wanting to come in to the library at these times need to collect a pass from Miss Moulding in the library. They must do this before morning Tutor.