Physical Education (PE)

The Physical Education Department offers a wide range of activities across Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) and 4 (Years 9, 10 and 11) to all students. Activities offered range from sports such as Basketball, Football, Dance and Netball to Gymnastics, Trampolining and use of our Fitness Suite, which all go hand in hand with the extensive Extra-curricular and competitive Sporting programmes offered by the department. PE is an extremely popular subject within the Academy and Sport plays an important role in the pupil’s development. The department also has access to a number of dedicated ICT rooms and facilities that enables students to complete coursework and work independently within their learning a key aspect of their learning journey in Key Stage 4.

As a forward thinking department that strives for excellence we work to develop an individualised and holistic approach to each students education and attempt to provide additional awards and qualifications that will help students become more well-rounded and successful individuals e.g. Duke of Edinbrough, Sports Leaders. The department consists of six members of teaching staff and two Apprentices who are highly motivated to achieve the best outcomes possible.

The aims of the department are;

· Enable all students to experience and enjoy a wide range of sporting activities.

· Promote the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and highlight the benefits of physical activity on the body.

· Provide extra-curricular opportunities for pupils to pursue their interests in sport and physical activity.

· Develop student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences through intra and inter school sport competitions.

· Allow students to gain coaching and leadership qualifications when working with young children through PE and school sport

· Enable pupils to work independently and as part of a team in varied activities

· To continue to develop community club links including links to clubs suitable for development of our high achieving national hopefuls.

· To employ teaching methods and resources that allow all pupils to have equal access to PE and school sport, irrespective of their ethnic origin, religion, sexuality or academic ability

· Provide opportunities and experiences to help develop well rounded individuals that can thrive in further education and beyond.

BTEC Sport

All students from Year 9 through to Year 11 will now study a BTEC Sport qualification alongside their PE studies. This course will take place at the Academy, local Primary Schools and local sports facilities.

At the moment our top two a portfolio of work showing your understanding of each module needs to be produced. The assessment is continuous and both practical and theory based which means that there are assignments that need to be completed in full. An external examination is the final part to completing the qualification.

All other year groups upon reaching Year 9 will start a new qualification call the BTEC Tech Award in Sport, Activity and Fitness. Students will need to complete three components to gain a qualification in this award. As before the assessment of these components is completed through completion of assignments and an external examination. Topics that will be covered include Physiology and Psychology of sport, sport injuries and developing exercise programmes.

These courses prepare students for careers in the sports sector, such as a fitness instructor, sports coach, outdoor pursuits instructor or a career in the Armed Forces. It can also lead to a BTEC Level 3 qualification which is equivalent to an A Level qualification and can be used to gain entry into University.

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