Performing Arts

BTEC Tech Award

General information about this course

This vocational course, which is a mixture of practical performance, live theatre and written portfolio work, will help you to develop a number of skills, including self-confidence, the ability to co-operate with others and also the ability to think on your feet in many different situations.

Why should you choose this course?

BTEC First Performing Arts is also useful in developing a number of social skills that will be invaluable to you in later life. You will learn all the practical techniques necessary to create performance work of a high standard.

How will this course be assessed?

The course is comprised of three different components that give students the opportunity to develop broad knowledge and understanding of the performing arts industry. Components 1 and 2 are assessed through internal assessment and Component 3 is an external assessment.

Component 1: Exploring the performing arts

In this unit you will:

· Examine professional practitioner’s performance work.

· Explore the interrelationships between constituent features of existing performance material

Component 2: Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts

In this unit you will:

· Develop skills and techniques for performance.

· Apply skills and techniques in rehearsal and performance

· Review own development and performance

Component 3: Performing to a Brief

In this unit you will:

· -Select and develop skills and techniques in response to a brief

· Apply skill and techniques in a workshop performance

· Evaluate the development process and outcome in response to a brief

What further career options and pathways are available to you after this course?

BTEC Tech Award Performing Arts is particularly useful for anyone interested in careers which involve skills such as self-confidence, teamwork, listening, co-operation, self-discipline, negotiation, problem solving, decision making and communication – almost every careers requires some or all of these skills! Students who are particularly keen on pursuing a career in the performing arts may choose to study Drama and Theatre Studies or Performance Studies at AS, A Level or similar. BTEC First Performing Arts is a course for anyone who is looking to challenge themselves. It is a demanding and rewarding course requiring a high level of commitment and enthusiasm.

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