ICT, Computer Science & Business

The award winning ICT and Business Department uses a range of technology and teaching styles to cover the Computer Science and ICT curriculum. The department offers a number of Computer Science, ICT and Business courses aimed at showing students how best to use computer technology and enterprise in their own work and also in the world at large. A large range of programming software is used to help student develop their understanding of how computers work and how to make their own programs. The department also has access to a number of dedicated ICT rooms, with a range wide of up to date software and hardware. The department consists of three full time fully qualified Computer Science and Business Studies teachers, supported by the ICT technical team.

We aim to enable students to become independent users of information communication technology, together with ensuring that students are aware of their obligations in using such technology both ethically and morally.

We are committed as a department to allowing the students to access the wealth of abundant and vital information held on the Internet, however we are also acutely aware of some of the negative sides to using such technology. Students are taught the correct and safe use of the Internet and we have a strict policy that they must follow if they are to use it successfully.

The aims of the department are;

· to teach Computer Science/ICT as a discrete subject in Key Stage 3 and 4

· to ensure that pupils of all abilities have equal access to ICT

· to ensure facilities are practical and are as up to date as possible

· to share ICT facilities and expertise with the wider community

· to promote the use of ICT across the whole academy

· to promote business and enterprise skills in Key Stage 4 as an option subject.

At Key Stage 3 students follow the ICT / Computer Science curriculum. Topics covered include data representation, logo programming, HTML, control, scratch, kodu, computer networks, computer hardware and python programming. All students are encouraged to develop logical thinking skills in order for them to become independent computer programmers.

All students in KS4 study an ICT qualification to level 2 standard. All Year 9, 10 and 11 students also have the option to study GCSE’s in Computer Science and Business Studies.

The department holds a range of activities throughout the year with our primary school partners including delivering some discrete Computer Science lessons and Enterprise days. In order to ensure success in the subject, we offer a range of extra-curricular activities to all students including coursework clubs, Lego, KS3 minecraft club, half-term catch-up sessions and other out of school activities.

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