Film Studies

In Film Studies at UCA our aims are to:

  • Explore the ways in which meanings and responses are generated through film
  • Watch and analyse a contrasting, culturally diverse range of films from different national contexts
  • Explain how films reflect the social, cultural and political contexts in which they are made
  • Examine the relationship between film and film technology over time.
  • Apply this learning to create original short films.

The department has video cameras, editing software and a wide range of DVDs for student use.

Film Studies is currently offered at KS4 as a GCSE option.

This course is broken into three components.

Component 1: Key Developments in US Film

This deals with the developments of mainstream Hollywood cinema and Independant US films. Students will watch a range of films and ask comparative questions relating to the development of films and film making, including technological development and the historical context.

Assessment: Written examination (35%)

Component 2: Global Film: Narrative, Representation and Film Style

This component showcases a variety of films from different countries, cultures and languages. Students will explore film aesthetics, representation and context.

Assessment: Written examination (35%)

Component 3: Production

In this component learners will create their own film, including screenplay and shooting script.

Assessment: Coursework (30%)


After school intervention is offered both as designated intervention time and informal ‘drop-ins’ to support coursework completion and extra exam practice

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