What is Ethics?

The study of ethics is learning the moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity.

At Unity City Academy we wholeheartedly believe in developing the whole child. Therefore, our Ethics syllabus is planned around government guidelines and the Academy’s nine characteristics that we, as a school, believe will help in developing the whole child’s character.

KS3 Syllabus

Students follow 4 main strands throughout the year; Health and Wellbeing, the Wider World, SRE and RE. Within these areas students will focus on things such as; diet, healthy choices, cultures around the world and what makes us who we are.

Lessons take the form of topical discussion, research projects and personal journeys to realise the importance of the topics covered in actual life.

KS4 Syllabus

Students follow 3 main strands throughout the year; Health and Wellbeing, the Wider World and SRE. Students will begin to develop themselves as a whole and be ready to move into future chapters of their lives with a sound basis.

Lessons focus on key areas within the 9 characteristics such as: cyberbullying, radicalisation, body image, peer pressure, careers, helping someone else, SRE, revision skills, drugs, alcohol and the law. This allows students the basic knowledge around key aspects and also allows them to build their character by linking the topics to the key characteristics.

With these special skill sets and developing your child as a whole, they will become a better person within their community, more employable and ready and excited to go on with life after school.

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