Academic Curriculum

Students study GCSE subjects that allow them to achieve first-rate qualifications. Key Stage 4 students spend most of their timetable studying GCSE subjects that provide them with the skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence to secure places, and thrive, at the most reputable and highest performing colleges, universities and world-class employers.

Students also have the opportunity to study vocational qualifications that allow them to develop vocational skills that mean they can thrive in the workplace. Feedback from local employers and post-16 providers is used to inform our vocational offer making sure that students have the necessary skills to thrive post-16.

Key Stage 4 students study at least 9 separate subjects providing breadth and depth to their learning; empowering them to thrive at post-16.

All Year 11 students have the opportunity to receive an extended school day (P6) that provides them with time to further deepen their understanding and make exceptional progress in all subjects.

Selected students are provided with lunchtime, weekend and/or holiday intervention, when required, ensuring that no students are left behind and that all students make significantly more progress than their peers do nationally.

Key Stage 3 students study 16 diverse subjects, which empowers them to make informed choices at Key Stage 4 and develops them holistically. These include:

  • English Literature & Language, Reading and Maths
  • Science, Geography, History, Ethics, French
  • Art, Drama
  • Design and Technology, Food Technology, ICT
  • PE, Dance

Key Stage 3 students receive specific oracy lessons that develop their ability to express their opinion coherently, fluently and with confidence in a range of contexts. Key Stage 3 students receive bespoke reading lessons that develop fundamental literacy skills, confidence and inspire a lifelong love of literature.

All students also experience termly Pre-Public Exams to ensure that students are fully prepared for their GCSE examinations.