Trips and Workshops

Year 1 - A right royal lesson

The pupils were visited by the Freshwater Theatre Company for a workshop based on their topic; Knights, Kings, Queens and Dragons. They got to watch and take part in some role play sessions where they became the different characters and were able to step into the shoes of a king, queen or knight. Pupils used what they had learnt, along with their learning from a trip to the Tower of London, to help with their writing.

Year 2 - Animal Hunt

Different types of habitats and the animals that live in them were the focus of Year 2's visit to Woodberry Wetlands Centre.

Pupils visited a wildflower meadow, a forest and a pond and identified what each living thing needed to survive. They searched under logs and rocks for mini-beasts and found woodlice, millipedes, worms, slugs, spiders and ants. While pond-dipping, they found water snails, hog-louses, diving beetles, spiders and glass worms.

Back at school, pupils presented the information in a pictogram and discussed how these creates adapted to their habitats.

Year 3 - Walking tour of London

As part of their learning about the UK, Year 3 headed to central London to look at British culture. The walking tour started at Parliament Square where they saw the statues of Sir Winston Churchill and a suffragette, before moving along the Strand to St James' Park for lunch. Pupils got to see Buckingham Palace where they were excited to spot the Royal Standard flying and to know the Queen was so near.

Year 4 - Art and storytelling workshop

Pupils in Year 4 were introduced to the key works in the art collection at the Courtauld Gallery. They learnt how to read images from their composition and details as part of their art and storytelling workshop. To help with their understanding, pupils were challenged to create dialogue between two characters in different artworks, as well as the thought they might have had about each other and their situations. After studying setting in paintings, pupils created their own postcards with a favourite place they had visited with a message to a loved one back home.

Year 5 - Natural History Museum

What has shaped planet earth over millions of years was the question Year 5 hoped to answer during a trip to the Natural History Museum. They attended the Volcanoes and Earthquakes show and discovered real examples of solidified lava and precious gemstones forged deep below the earth's surface. Pupils also experienced a simulated earthquake and took a trip back in time to find out all about how the planet was born.