Our Curriculum Offer

Our Curriculum

The Ridge Academy provides a holistic curriculum meeting children’s academic and emotional needs. As a result, children gain the skills and knowledge they need to be successful while attending The Ridge Academy, during their time at their next school, and throughout their adult lives. We tailor our curriculum to be inclusive to the children, giving children an individual curriculum path.

We do this through whole-school teaching, family development and support, whole-class teaching, targeted group interventions, paired interventions, and 1:1 interventions. Underpinning the formal academic curriculum is developmental needs that are met through interventions. There is an emphasis on enabling pupils to secure Mathematics and English knowledge and skills so that they achieve well across the curriculum. Specific and group learning allows pupils to meet developmental milestones, to self-regulate, and motivate themselves as learners. The attachment and trauma-sensitive approach is the overarching ethos of the school.

Our Curriculum Vision

The Ridge Academy is part of the family of schools in the Academies Enterprise Trust and as such we share the Trust vision for our children which is:

'To provide our pupils with a wide body of knowledge and skills and an exceptional character to live a remarkable life.'

Our Curriculum Aims

It is our aim that by the time the children leave The Ridge Academy to embark on the next stage of their education, they are equipped with the academic skills and knowledge, and have developed the personal attributes needed to enable them to become successful citizens of the future.

Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has come before. Academic learning is underpinned by a strong emphasis on personal development and social skills so that children make and maintain healthy relationships with others. They learn responsibility and develop a sense of self so that they understand and value their place in the world and respect the same for others.

The curriculum's main aim is to provide a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences. It is our desire that children and their families value their learning and seize all and make use of any opportunity wholeheartedly, therefore we aim to ensure the offer to learn is strong in every classroom.


We expect (and support our pupils to):

  • Be engaged - Be ready to learn; be prepared and have the skills to be engaged.

  • Be respectful - Respect is thinking of others feelings, wishes, and rights; we admire others; we are an inclusive school

  • Be kind - Diversity is celebrated; no one is left behind; we model positive and accepting relationships

  • Be safe - Safety of themselves and others is core in being ready and able to learn and engage.