Friday 14th June 2019

Today was the second week of our positive language certificates. These are awarded to anyone who has worked hard enough to use only positive language all week, in class and outside in the playground.

The School Council decided that one of the best ways to improve our school would be to reduce, and ideally remove completely, swearing and negative language including any examples of racism and homophobia. If any pupils achieves four certificates this term, they will be given the opportunity to come to Chessington World of Adventures for the day.

Well done to the following pupils for today's positive language certificates. The number in the bracket next to each name shows many certificates theyhave in total.

Starfish - Lilly (2), Victor (2)

Seahorse - Imogen (2), Tyler (2), Taryn (2)

Stingrays - AJ (2), Manny, Fred (2)

Seadragons - Jake (2), Lewis

Friday 14th June 2019

The whole school were lucky enough to go to Cattle Country on Wednesday.

A massive thank you to The Rotary Club who paid for us to go and even got us an ice cream. They were delicious!

Posted by Ellis, Year 6

Friday 7th June 2019

On Friday 7th June, The School Council launched our new reward scheme for inspiring all pupils to use appropriate language throughout school.This started because we looked at identifying areas that we would like to improve and that would have the biggest impact on school life. Positive language being used more was the one we felt the most passionate about.

Each Friday in assembly, if a pupil has used appropriate words and language all week,in class and outside at play, they will achieve a certificate. This term if they can achieve four certificates by Friday 12th July, The School Council are organising a reward trip to Chessington World of Adventures. The first certificates were given out today so well done to all that achieved them. We hope this will be a huge incentive and inspire pupils to use the language that they know and should be using more consistently. Keep an eye on ClassDojo to see a full list of names each week on who has achieved one of these certificates.

School Coucil Certificate.pptx

School Council Introduction

We are The Ridge Academy School Council. It is our aim to be the voice of all the pupils in our school. Each term we explore how to make our school better for everyone in it. We meet each week as a council and there is a representative from each class so there is equal representation. We decided that we wouldn’t have an overall chairperson as we all wanted an equal say in all matters.

Below is a copy of our charter. This outlines what we set out to do and the example we try to set at all times. Pupil voice outside the council is equally as important as the voice inside the council. We will usually take an issue, idea or project back to our class and gather up their input on it, before returning to share thoughts as a council and make decisions based on this.

So far this year we have introduced a reward system to promote positive language across school, both inside the classroom and outside, as well as helping to redesign two rooms that will further support us in our work, our happiness and helping us be ‘remarkable’ as we grow.

We try to contact all parents and carers on our ClassDojo account and we always read through any comments that are left on our posts. If you would like to send us any ideas or comments, please send them through the ClassDojo.

Thank you

The Ridge School Council