At The Ridge Academy, we believe in the importance of every child achieving their ‘best’, making good progress and enjoying their learning experience through 'Quality First Teaching'. As an academy when we plan any learning opportunity, our children and their needs are the central focus.

However for some of our children, there are occasions when additional support is required to allow us to support the next steps in their learning journey. Additional support may be given for a set period of time or for a longer period to ensure every child can access our curriculum effectively and are fully included in learning opportunities and school events. Our parents/carers are informed, included and supported throughout such periods of provision.

If a child’s needs are significantly greater than the majority of children of the same age, or they have a disability which hinders their use of educational facilities provided for the age group, then they are considered to have Special or Additional Educational Needs.

Their needs may be in the area of:

  • Communication and Interaction
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Social, Emotional or Mental Health
  • Physical or Sensory difficulties.

At The Ridge Academy, teaching and learning opportunities are adapted and continually evaluated (with the support of external agencies when required) to ensure the needs of all of our children are met. Parents/carers should not feel unduly anxious about such additional support, which at our academy allows all children to receive the specific help they need to make the next steps in their exciting learning journey.