Taught by Mrs Geatches, Mrs Pillinger assisted by Mrs Ponting , Mrs Wicks & Miss Keen

Friday 15th March 2019

Another good week for Seadragons class!!

Lots of good learning in all subject areas this week. The boys have started their Cold Challenge on Leaflets in English and have progressed to solving word problems involving Fractions in Maths.

The boys have identified hobbies in Spanish and have looked at how life was like in Tudor England in their Topic lesson.

The boys have enjoyed ending the week with Red Nose Day!! Some of the boys dressed up, coloured their hair and painted their noses red!! The boys donated £1 each to Comic Relief and contributed to the whole school bake sale too.

Well done Seadragons!!

Friday 8th March 2019

It has been a busy working week in Seadragons!

The boys have finished their Nonsense Poem unit now and have written some fantastic ones. They have used rhyme, onomatopoeia, alliteration and personification in their poems!!

In Topic, the boys learnt about the Tudors and looked at the family tree starting with King Henry VII and following to Henry VIII and his six wives! The boys created a Tudor family tree by cutting out pictures and labelling their names and birth dates down.

The boys have also enjoyed WORLD BOOK DAY TODAY!! Some of the class came dressed as a character from a book and they looked fab!! Our class winner was Luke who came dressed as 'Awful Auntie', a character from a David Walliams story.

Well done Seadragons - keep it up!!

Friday 1st March 2019

This week in Seadragons, we have had a fantastic start to our topic 'The Terrible Tudors'. The boys have enjoyed Immersion week and they have made and created lots of things related to the Tudors.

The boys have made Tudor Roses out of clay, designed their own Coat of Arms, created their own Plague and made real life boils (Buboes) from jam doughnuts and custard!! They also made Tudor biscuits (Jumbals) following a traditional Tudor recipe.

The boys have also engaged in lots of research around the Tudors and created a timeline from the when the Tudor period started to when it ended. Check out our class friend for this term - Henry VIII!!!

It has been a great first week back to the term! Well done Seadragons!

Friday 15th February 2019

It has been a good final week in Seadragons class. Lots of learning and activities to finish their work for the term on David Walliams - we have even had a letter back from David Walliams replying to the ones that the boys sent which is super exciting!!!!

The boys have worked hard on their Nonsense Poetry this week, looking at different features within the poem such as Alliteration, Rhyme and Onomatopoeia. The boys have also started a new unit on Fractions in Maths which has shown some good understanding already. They have been able to find fractions of amounts within shapes so far.

In Spanish, the boys have been continuing to count and Jake has managed to count to 13 - check out the video to see his amazing talent!!

The boys also made Valentine's cards on Thursday afternoon, designing their own to give to someone special.

Well done for a good term overall Seadragons - Have a lovely half term!!

Friday 9th February 2019

It has been a really good week in Seadragons!! The boys have finished their David Walliams stories which are fab!! Most of the boys based them around Gangsta Granny and adapted this story to one of their own.

Seadragons have completed their Creativity unit for this term and have finished their self-portraits!! They have produced some very good pieces of Art which are very life-like!! They have spent time on these and are proud of what they have produced.

Well done Seadragons!!

Friday 1st February 2019

The boys have had a really good week overall in Seadragons. They began the week looking at mixing colours to create skin tones in Creativity, ready to use for their self-portrait painting next week.

They have also learnt more about colours in Spanish and played a game of Twister to show their understanding.

In English, the boys have planned their final David Walliams stories and they are ready to finish them next week for their English hot challenge. In Maths, the focus has been Money this week and adding amounts together - the boys are fantastic with money and have shown a good understanding.

We also have our two members of School Council from Seadragons class, proudly wearing their new badges. Well done boys!!

Friday 18th January 2019

Another good week in Seadragons for the boys. Lots of good learning in English for their David Walliams story writing and discovering what Perimeter is in Maths.

In Science the boys have learned about the difference between a Human skull and a Chimpanzee's skull.

In Geography the boys have started learning about Rivers and the purpose of a river.

Seadragons also had their class assembly this week where the whole school got involved in lots of challenges related toevents that happen in some of David Walliams' books. Lots of things to smell from the story Mr Stink and gruesome things(sweets!) to eat from the story, Ratburger!!

Well done for another good week boys!

Friday 11th January 2019

Seadragons have had a positive start to the term learning about their new topic "Who is David Walliams?". The boys have enjoyed Immersion week researching and learning lots of important information about him.

The boys have worked super hard on writing letters to David Walliams this week asking him lots of interesting questions. The letters have been sent off to him by Seadragons class. We are really hoping for a reply from him - come on David!!

Finally, the boys really enjoyed the whole school trip to the Pantomime this week too and loved their interval ice-cream!!

Friday 14th December 2018

Seadragons have been learning about Forces in Science this term and have been focussing on upthrust, push and pull forces. They recently did an investigation using coins, foil and water. They had some great predictions for how this was going to work out!

This week in Seadragons, the boys went to XJump for their end of term Reward Trip! The boys have had a mixed term with some really impressive moments of good behaviour. The boys absolutely loved bouncing around on the trampolines and showing off their skillls!! Afterwards, the boys tucked into a yummy McDonald's which they thoroughly enjoyed!

Friday 23rd November 2018

Seadragons had a good week last week! They completed their Play scripts in English and decided to create a whole class one together. They worked really hard contributing to this showing all the features that they understood.

In our RE afternoon, the boys learned about Diwali and what this festival means. The boys made Rangoli patterns and created their own Diva pots from clay. The boys decorated these with bright colours and sequins to represent the festival of light.

The boys also enjoyed an afternoon of Children In Need activities where they made cakes for the school cake sale. The boys enjoyed dressing up and wearing their dots to show support towards this cause.

Well done Seadragons!

Friday 9th November 2018

This week in Seadragons, the boys have been working really hard with their new English and Maths units. In English they have started to learn about Play scripts and what they are. In Maths, the boys have been trying to add and subtract using their mental maths skills! This has been challenging but a great stretch for them too!

The boys also looked at Forces in their Science work, focusing on push and pull. They did some practical investigations in the hall with different objects.

They also enjoyed a day of baking for Bonfire Night. The boys made Catherine Wheel style biscuits and decorated them too. They tasted A-MAZ-ING!!

Friday 2nd November 2018

It has been a great first week back for Seadragons class! The boys have really enjoyed immersing themselves in the new topic "Rise of the Robots".

The class have been completing some fantastic art work this week to make the classroom look and feel part of the topic. They have made a giant robot, a K9 robot dog, completed Robot maths and written some acrostic Robot poems.

Well done Seadragons - a great start to the term!!

Friday 27th September 2018

This week in Seadragons, we have been continuing our knowledge on Number Systems and have been comparing numbers. The boys have looked at ordering numbers from smallest to largest and vice versa. They also learnt about Greater than or Less than today with Charlie the Crocodile eating the larger number.

In English, the boys have finished their Record Breaker stories!! They have worked really hard on them, using their story mountain plans to help them include all the important information. They are all a great read!!

Excellent work boys - keep it up!!

Friday 21st September 2018

This week in Seadragons, we have been learning some Spanish with Mrs Pillinger! The boys learnt how to say their own emotions and feelings in Spanish. They also learnt how to introduce themselves - they were amazing!

In Maths this week, the boys have continued with their numbers work and have been learning about place value. The boys made the biggest number they could with single digit numbers and some children even made 5 - digit numbers!!

Excellent work boys - keep it up!!

Friday 14th September 2018

It has been a great start to the term in Seadragons class with our new theme, 'Record Breakers'. The boys spent Immersion week learning about what a Record Breaker is and trying their own challenges as a class. They tried Cracker eating, Cup stacking, M&M chopstick challenge and lots lots more!!

The boys have also started well with their target work and have made really good efforts with number work in Maths and identifying what a story is in English.

Monday 9th July 2018

We had a great end to the week in Seadragons. We ended with our Sports Day and our Summer Fun Day! It was a great success and lovely to see lots of parents coming in to support the children. The boys really enjoyed Sports Day and had fun participating in some of the 'Wacky Races' challenges that were set.

The boys also had a fantastic time at Cranham Woods having a chance to build dens and make rope swings. The boys also cooked hot dogs and roasted marshmallows on a small bonfire! They absolutely loved it and their behaviour was fantastic.

Finally, they have continued their Science work this week which they have been working really hard on. They made circuits and had fun using all of the Electrical pieces.

Well done Seadragons!

Wednesday 20th June 2018

This week has been much improved in Seadragons with lots of fun things happening!

At the beginning of the week, we had a visitor come in to teach the boys 'Kwik Cricket' skills. They learnt how to throw and catch a ball correctly. They also had a chance to hit the ball with the bat. They did try really hard to get their standing position right too!

The boys have also been to their Outdoor Education session in the forest this week. They really enjoyed this and had chance to explore lots of outdoor habitats. They made hammocks and swings too!!

Well done Seadragons!

Friday 15th June 2018

The boys have started their topic with a fantastic Immersion week and have had an opportunity to really explore lots of things to do with the World Cup. The boys have made their own medals, designed their own football kits and decorated flags from the different countries that are participating in the World Cup.

In English, Seadragons have just started their unit learning about Biographies and in Maths, the boys have started work on Multiplication and finding methods to help them work out the answer.

Monday 14th May 2018

It has been a busy week in Seadragons! The boys have worked hard to start their new unit in English this week on an Historical Event that happened in Pompeii. The boys have learnt how to describe the Volcanic eruption using Similes so far.

The boys had a great time in Outdoor Education this week and the boys focused on Habitats. They were looking for insects and bugs in the different environments outside and they found a snail shell too!

Well done boys!

Tuesday 8th May 2018

This week in Seadragons the boys have participated in some excellent Creative Curriculum activities. In Science, they learnt about how light travels in straight lines and completed an experiment with torches to see if this was true.

In PSHCE, the boys looked at different emotions and feelings. The boys made their own emotion bubbles and made an emotion tree displaying a specific feeling. They painted them free-hand just using their own ideas and imagination. They look fantastic!

In Creativity, they learnt about the different types of shields that the Romans had and the different shapes and sizes that were used. They started to design their own shield and labelled it!

Well done Seadragons!

Tuesday 1st May

This week in Seadragons, we had our first trip of the year to Forest School. The boys were really well behaved and enjoyed exploring the outdoor world! The weather was perfect too!

The boys are progressing well with their newspaper reports and are nearly ready to write their final articles, which they will finish this week. In Maths, they have been continuing their learning on Money and working out how to give change. They are progressing onto solving word problems involving money too!

Friday 20th April

Seadragons have had a great first week back at school. We have started the new topic of 'Rotten Romans' which the boys have enjoyed learning about. The classroom is looking fantastic and the boys have worked really hard making a class Acropolis, Mosaic art and their own Clay Plaques.

In English, the boys have been learning about Newspaper reports and the features of a Newspaper. They have explored Headlines and Quotes so far.

Money has been the focus in Maths this week and the boys have been able to find a total of an amount of coins and begin to work out how to find change from an amount.

Well done Seadragons!

Monday 19th March

This week in Seadragons, the boys have progressed with their writing of a Narrative for their Winter Olympic sport. They have used a story board structure to help them plan out their narrative. Some of the boy chose to draw pictures and then describe briefly what is happening at each point of the narrative. Some children chose to write lots of important information down and most of the boys wrote this independently which is fantastic!

In Maths, they have recently started a new unit of Time and have completed their Cold Challenge ready to show what they already know and what they want to learn more about!

Check out some of the boys English work in the photos - great job Seadragons!

Monday 26th February 2017

This week in Seadragons we have been looking at our new topic of The Winter Olympics! The boys have worked really hard this week especially with their Art skills. They have made Olympic torches, designed their own Snowboard, drawn different Olympic sports using chalk and have designed their own outfit for a Bobsleigh team. The classroom is looking great!

Seadragons have also worked really hard on their Fractions work this week in Maths. They began looking at simple Fractions and then moved onto Equivalent fractions which they all attempted.

Great start to the term Seadragons - keep it up!

Monday 11th December 2017

Well done to the staff and pupils in Seadragons Team who braved the ice and snow and made it into school on Monday. We had a great time playing in the snow and making large and small scale snowmen!

Well done to the staff and pupils in Seadragons Team who braved the ice and snow and made it into school on Monday. We had a great time playing in the snow and making large and small scale snowmen!

Monday 4th December 2017

Our week in Seadragons

As you can see below, the pupils in Seadragons have excelled themselves in their paintings inspired by the style of science fiction artist Peter Thorpe. The first picture is an original Peter Thorpe but the rest are all our own work and they are outstanding. The pupils explored colours, use of shading and shadow, fore ground and background details, shapes of the spaceship and perspective. From here, the pupils applied all they now knew to stunning effect.

Tuesday 28th November 2017

WAM Sessions,

Some photos from Kias' session last week with WAM. He had a great session again. After last week's spatula/spoon carving introduction he started to make a larger spoon this week doing some more work with the carving axe and knives. He took the spoon home but if it can be kept in the fridge and brought back next week as there's more to do! He has requested to take part in skinning a rabbit this week!

Peter Hales

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

We The Curious Seadragons Trip

We had a fantastic trip to 'We The Curious'. In the morning session we explored downstairs proving sound travels in waves, making ear drums, brain cells and fake blood and testing our reaction times.

In the afternoon we bent light, created rainbows and used our shadows to make Art! The highlight was The Planetarium where we were taken for a virtual 3D journey around our solar system.

Forest School

The boys have loved Forest School this term. Their curiosity and creativity has been clear for all to see. Independence is also increasing with the boys showing great trust.

Friday 14th April 2017

End of Term for Seadragons!

It is been a lovely end to the term in Seadragons! The boys started the week with an Easter RE Day learning about what Lent is and the build up to the events that happen in Holy Week.

The boys then continued the week learning about children in other countries and supporting Mr Shaw with his trip to Nepal.

We ended the term with a fantastic Easter Concert and Easter stall in our class. The boys made Easter cakes and decorated their Easter baskets with sugar / tissue paper. They then filled these with mini chocolate eggs and big chocolate eggs to sell on their stall. They looked fab!

Well done Seadragons - have a great Easter holiday!