The Green Way Academy is proud to serve the community of North Hull and give our pupils the very best learning opportunities and experiences regardless of their circumstances. We are committed to delivering an exciting, inspirational, and motivating curriculum which enables pupils to become independent learners preparing them for their next steps in life. Our mission is pure and simple: we want all of our pupils to experience success and have high aspirations so that they can go on to lead a remarkable life. This is the golden thread that binds us all together – the reason that despite our very different paths to The Green Way Academy, we are all part of one family.

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Our Curriculum Drivers through Writing

Remarkable Aspirations- we provide exceptional experiences which show our pupils the wide range of possibilities available for their future.

It is our aim in Literacy to give the children the skills and knowledge to succeed at the next steps in their learning and beyond. We aim to help the children to become fluent in the fundamentals of reading and writing so that they develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately in the future. We ensure quality first teaching in Literacy.

Remarkable Environment- we provide a safe haven for all our pupils to flourish and lead a remarkable life.

The Literacy environment is essential to provide the children with the best opportunities to succeed. Each classroom uses a range of resources and displays to develop concepts and promote independence as children move through the sequence of lessons. During lessons every idea is acceptable and we make sure the children know it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

Remarkable Learners- we offer a wide range of experiences to allow our pupils to become independent and resourceful learners and reach their full potential.

We want our learners to be motivated, engaged and independent writers who have a range of opportunities to excel. We invite authors and visitors into school and take the children on a range of visits to broaden their experiences and give writing a real purpose.


We want to make writing Exciting, Relevant and Easy for the children in our academy so that they can all become ‘Remarkable Writers’.


The key expectations of the AET curriculum mirrors that of the national curriculum for writing and each AET pupil will develop the core characteristics:

¨Read, speak and write with fluency, purpose and pleasure

¨ Acquire a life-long appreciation for the value of language and its application

¨ Craft an authentic voice and recognise its impact on others

¨ Be confident and effective communicators in contexts, both familiar and unfamiliar

¨ Use communication to refine their thinking

¨ Understand a writer’s craft and use this knowledge to inform their own choices

¨ Develop the habit of reading and know its power

¨ Compare and synthesise texts

¨ Critically evaluate texts, always asking ‘why’

¨ Engage in a cycle of explore → craft → refine →

Whole School Curriculum Mapping

Each year group studies narrative, non-fiction and poetry. The long term plan shows how the writing genres are revisited and built upon through each school year. These genres are not exclusive and other types of writing are taught across the curriculum.

Planning and Assessment

Teachers use the ‘Assessment Scale’ to plan, monitor and assess writing.

Key Objectives

A medium term plan for Literacy is created each half term exploiting the inevitable link between reading and writing. Objectives for each unit are displayed on each unit front cover. These are taught across the unit in a series. They are then assessed at the end of each unit.

The Writing Process

Staff use the following process as guidance for their teaching sequence, incorporating elements of Talk 4 Writing where appropriate.

Writing Books

In KS1 the children do all their writing work in one yellow book. These books are specifically designed to help with letter formation and presentation.

In KS2 the children have a yellow daily writing book and a green ‘Writing Journey’ book which goes with them as they move through school. This allows pupils, parents and teachers to visibly see the progress the children have made in KS2 and is also a wonderful record of the children’s hard work.

A Literacy Rich Environment!

At the Green Way we pride ourselves on having a literacy and language rich environment. Word walls, story maps, washing lines, word mats and other helpful displays encourage children to be independent writers across the curriculum at all levels.

Free Write Friday

Every Friday morning the children participate in ‘FREE WRITE FRIDAY’. The children discuss and write about a different image each week. This gives the pupils the opportunity to show what they have learnt and write freely and independently. Each year group will choose an image that is relevant to their learning and each half term all year groups across school write about the same picture. This helps us check progress and moderate writing across the year groups.


The teaching of spelling is supported by the ‘Spelling Shed’ and ‘DoodleSpell’ which both adhere to the National Curriculum Spelling Guidance. Children also continuously work on the ‘Common Exception Words’ which are placed in the back of writing books and addressed regularly. Children are encouraged, through self-marking and teacher marking, to correct spellings independently.. Every classroom has a ‘Word Wall’ to support spelling.

Grammar and Punctuation

The teaching of grammar is threaded into writing lessons so that pupils can readily apply the grammar skills at the point of learning. MC Grammar supports the teaching and learning of grammar.


Handwriting is VERY important to us at The Green Way and everyone works hard so that by the time the children leave us they are fluently using a joined cursive writing style.

Our teaching is supported by the letterjoin programme which helps the children to progressively build up the skills they need. Every child completes a GOLD STANDARD which acts as a benchmark expectation for their writing work.

Every child in Year 2 takes home a Handwriting Support Pack which includes a comprehensive guide for parents on how they can support their children with handwriting.

Every week we celebrate ‘Handwriter of the Week’ in whole school celebration assembly.