Reading and Phonics


The Green Way Academy is proud to serve the community of North Hull and give our pupils the very best learning opportunities and experiences regardless of their circumstances. We are committed to delivering an exciting, inspirational, and motivating curriculum which enables pupils to become independent learners preparing them for their next steps in life. Our mission is pure and simple: we want all of our pupils to experience success and have high aspirations so that they can go on to lead a remarkable life. This is the golden thread that binds us all together – the reason that despite our very different paths to The Green Way Academy, we are all part of one family.

Our 3 Key Curriculum Drivers:

1. Remarkable Aspirations – we provide exceptional experiences which show our pupils the wide range of possibilities available for their future.

2. Remarkable Environment – we provide a safe haven for all our pupils to flourish and lead a remarkable life

3. Remarkable Learners - we offer a wide range of experiences to allow our pupils to become independent and resourceful learners and reach their full potential

Aspirations, Environment and Learners!


At the Green Way Academy we believe that the active encouragement of reading for pleasure should be a core part of every child’s educational entitlement, whatever their background or attainment, as extensive reading and exposure to a wide range of texts make a huge contribution to pupils’ educational achievement.

We are passionate about the importance of reading. We have a firm belief that if a child can read and more importantly enjoy reading they will experience success in all aspects of the curriculum. Children are provided with a number of opportunities to read for pleasure and we have a whole school culture which promotes this.

‘When you read often and with enthusiasm, usually

just for the sheer fun of it, you lay foundations that last for life’

Alan Gibbons

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Resilient Reader

Reading is given a central role in the curriculum and is given the highest priority. Reading is taught in all of our classes with help from ‘Resilient Reader’.

Resilient Reader provides a consistent approach to teach reading across the whole of our school. All children including Reception are introduced to ‘Resilient Reader,’ a fictional superhero who holds the ‘power’ of being a successful reader in his hands. Children in Foundation stage are introduced and encouraged to use their ‘left hand’ to get a ‘gist of a story’. These include who, what, where, when and why questions.

KS1 and KS2 pupils first use the left hand to gather an understanding of what is happening. Their ‘Right hand’ helps them focus of specific skills essential for being a successful reader. Children are taught to use their fingers to help them find, compare, explain, infer and predict.

Early Reading and Phonics

In EYFS and Key Stage 1 the children are taught how to read through a combination of daily phonic sessions (learning the sounds that letters and groups of letters make) and Guided Reading Sessions.

Phonics Lessons

Children in EYFS receive whole-class phonics lessons where children then work in smaller groups for the apply stage of the lesson. Children in Year 1 take part in whole-class phonics lessons with differentiated applications where appropriate. This allows every child to be exposed to all grapheme-phoneme correspondence within the Letters and Sounds framework. Phonics is enquiry based with children investigating similar and different sounds within words.

Supporting Pupils

Children are tracked half-termly for progress and attainment in phonics. Those who need it receive our ‘Flying with Phonics’ interventions 4 x per week with a highly skilled support assistant. These interventions are based on gaps in learning and also practise blending skills.

Year 2 children who didn’t meet the expectation in the Phonics Screening during their time in Year 1 join Year 1 Phonics lessons 3 x per week and are also part of a phonics based guided reading session once a week with the class teacher.

Reading in School

All children in school progress through book bands using a range of schemes including Songbirds, Floppy’s Phonics, Bug Club (all phonetically decodable) along with Oxford Reading Tree and the Rigby Star Books. We also have ‘Bug Club’ as an online resource which the children can use in school or at home. Reading books in school are banded based on progression through the phonics sounds and children within Key stage 1 who are reading phonic based books are encouraged to choose books that include sounds already learned.

Reading in Keys Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 the children continue to receive Guided Sessions and develop their reading strategies and reading comprehension through the Reciprocal Reading and high quality independent reading opportunities.

Supporting Pupils

Any child who is struggling with their reading is helped quickly and sometimes placed in an ‘intervention’. This is a great way to address the pupils need and get them back on track. We have a number of reading interventions in school including; LEXIA, Reading Recovery Type Programmes, Team X, Before and After School 1:1 Reading Support, Learning Team Support and Booster Groups.

Reading Experiences and Enrichment

‘Reading for Pleasure’ is something which the school feels very passionately about and we encourage the children to be regular readers in a number of ways.

The children and parents have access to our wonderful School Library!

The children also have their own reading area in their classroom – a book corner or a mini Library!

They take part in Reading Adventure Week and World Book Day, we invite authors in to school and we take part in competitions such as The James Reckitt Book Award.

In the EYFS parents are invited to a termly ‘Story Sleepover’ session which takes place after school. Parents and children are provided with a selection of books to share as well as hot chocolate, blankets and biscuits. This is helping to promote reading for pleasure with the younger children.

In KS1 parents are invited to a ‘Share a Story’ session every Tuesday afternoon where teachers model storytelling and questioning for a range of texts.

If you have any questions about reading please come and see Mrs. Langdon our Reading Manager.