KS4 Pathways

KS4 Pathways

In September, all Year 9 students move to Frinton Campus to begin their Key Stage 4 (KS4) courses. We work with students to ensure the best choices are made for the future. We aim to find courses that suit needs, are enjoyable, and in which students can be successful.

During the Pathways window a Pathways Booklet is available for all students to access. This booklet provides you with information on the following:

  • Introduction to KS4

  • Timetable for KS4 Pathways process

  • Key information about subject selection

  • Key information about compulsory subjects

  • Summary of subjects

Please click here to view and download our Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5 Pathways Tool.

Please note: You will need to download and save a copy of this file before you can use it.

Follow the instructions on the spreadsheet to assist you in making your KS4 Pathways selections. The final section on the spreadsheet gives you an idea of what subjects you could possibly go on to study at Sixth Form based on our current subject provision.

Year 9 Virtual Careers Fair 2021

As part of the ‘Pathways’ GCSE options process at TTC, your son/daughter has the opportunity to take part in the Year 9 Virtual Careers Fair 2021. Although this event would have usually taken place physically in college, we have thoroughly planned these virtual resources to ensure that your son/daughter is as informed as possible around future career paths and their upcoming GCSE options.

There is no specific time for students to engage with the Virtual Careers Fair, but ideally before half term, by Friday 12 February 2021.

The Year 9 Virtual Careers Fair takes the form of a presentation and worksheet for students to complete which can be found below. Students will be introduced to the fair by the TTC Careers Team, they will then have the opportunity to access information, videos and links on a variety of local post-16 and post-18 providers and employers, finishing with completing a career plan.

Year 9 Virtual Careers Fair 2021
Virtual Careers Fair Worksheet

Who to contact

If you have any questions or wish to find out further information about the KS4 Pathways process please contact your Director of Learning at Thorpe Campus on 01255 861341.

Year 9 students can also book an appointment with the Careers Guidance Officer, Mrs Gleave, for her drop-in every Tuesday lunchtime in the Thorpe LRC - either sign up on the LRC register sheet or phone 01255 672116.

To send a direct Query to Mrs H Gleave, please click the and complete the Google Form to the right.

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