What is iVoice?

iVoice is TTC’s school council. It is led by a president that is elected by staff and students. The president will then form a cabinet with representatives from across all year groups. The cabinet then meets every two weeks to discuss ideas to improve the college. iVoice led the design for the new TTC 3 logo, which has been put up around the college. We are also in the process of purchasing two new outdoor table tennis tables for Thorpe Campus. In the past iVoice have put on events for students, and raised money for charity (this year it is Make-a-Wish Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Research). iVoice's most important role though is listening to you, the students, and putting your ideas across for discussion in meetings. So, if you have an idea, a suggestion or an improvement that you’d like to happen at this school, you can speak to them and have your say.

The role of the iVoice President

Our President will need to be able to do the following:

  • Act as liaison between the Senior Leadership Team, Governors, students, departments and administration.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings with the administration.
  • Identify and suggest projects for iVoice to help improve student life at TTC.
  • Help to set iVoice policies and practices by leading the Executive Committee.
  • Lead an on-going review of the iVoice constitution.
  • Serve as a role model to students and other iVoice members and be open to the needs of all students, staff and parents.
  • Prepare an agenda for every full iVoice meeting.
  • Run, along with the Vice-Principal, full iVoice and site specific iVoice meetings once a half term.
  • Delegate responsibilities to and check in with other iVoice members about the progress of all iVoice activities.
  • Help plan and run iVoice elections.
  • Manage announcements at College assemblies and in the College News Letter.
  • Plan the beginning of the year and mid-year iVoice trips.
  • Attend College functions, for example, Open Evenings and Parents Evenings.

The election for the ivoice presidency will happen again in September, where students from across Thorpe and Frinton Campus will go head to head in their aim of becoming the next President. The role of President should not be taken lightly, it is demanding, however, very rewarding.

If you are looking to take a leading role in the College, a person who wants to have the opportunity of making an impact on life at TTC for over 1900 student and 300 plus staff or even someone who wants to impress a future employer then please put yourself forward to be a candidate for our election.

The roles of the cabinet members

  • President – the lead student of the iVoice cabinet
  • Vice-presidents – there are two, one for either site. These will support the president in his/her decision making.
  • Chief Whip – this person will decide with the president, what will be on the agenda for each meeting, make sure the other cabinet members are aware of when meetings are so that they can attend, and will write up minutes of cabinet meetings
  • Chancellors – They will monitor spending of the ivoice budget and make sure that it is spent wisely
  • Secretaries of state – There are between 4-6 secretaries of state. They are valuable members of the cabinet that will be involved in all decision making and will provide support through their ideas and teamwork.

The president will consult with myself and Mr. Rodd to decide on students to be part of the cabinet. The cabinet needs to be formed from students from across both sites and ideally all year groups, if possible. Students selected will be role models for the college and will therefore need to have demonstrated excellent behaviour and attitude to learning.

If you’d like to run for president or be part of the ivoice cabinet please send me an email outlining why you think you should be involved.

Mr. Wynne-Jones

Teacher of Science and Ivoice Co-ordinator