GCSE Exams and Revision

The English and Mathematics faculties are pleased to be able offer additional support to all Year 11 students during the Easter holidays, in preparation for the GCSE examinations.

Mathematics – Tuesday 16 April

  • Edexcel 9.00 am – 11.30 am
  • AQA 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm

English – Wednesday 17 April

  • Literature Paper 1 09.00 am – 12.00 pm

English - Thursday 18 April

  • Literature Paper 2 09.00 am -12.00 pm

Year 11 Digital Revision Resources


Revision clubs are running every Thursday after school until the GCSE exams.

Easter Revision Dates

2 exam revision days are taking place during the easter holidays at Frinton Campus on Wednesday 17 April & Thursday 18 April

All of the below resources are on Show my homework for all Year 11 students.

Free digital Revision guides are available for

  • AQA GCSE English Language (OXFORD)
  • York Notes - An Inspector Calls
  • York Notes - The Sign of The Four
  • CGP - Macbeth
  • CGP - Power and Conflict

Useful Revision Websites


Revision clubs are running every Wednesday after school until the GCSE exams.

Easter Revision Date

We will running an exam revision day during the easter holiday this will take place at Frinton Campus on Tuesday 16th April.

All students have practice papers and Maths watch tasks set online via ShowMyHomework. Students should use their QLA reports to close topic gaps through Maths Watch and Corbett Maths whilst also completing practice papers.

Collins revision guides and integrated workbooks are available to purchase from the maths department for £6.00


User Name: students first initial +surname @tendring so John Smith login would be jsmith@tendring (please note username and password details should be inlowercase)

Password: tendring


Videos, worksheets and Exam style questions on every GCSE topic. No log-oncredentials required.

A reminder that all students must have a Scientific calculator (2 of the 3 papers are Calculator) and the Casio FX FX-83GTPLUS is available to purchase from the maths faculty for £8.00.

Free online revision resources

This week during the student study conferences year 11 have been shown a number of revision resources that are available. The website will help to create a revision planner, flash cards, past papers, revision tips and quizzes



Websites -

Free Science lessons video clips: Recommended for Year 9/10. A range of online lessons covering the whole AQA Science course, including all required practical activities (RPAs). Work books to accompany the video clips can be purchased through the YouTube Channel.


Kerboodle: Recommended for Year 9, 10 and 11. Especially useful if you have missed a lesson, or are off school and want tot keep up with your learning. Free access to online copies of the course textbook, which you can highlight and add notes to (will be stored). Also, access to tutorials and podcasts to support revision.


Log in to account:

  • Username - christian initial and surname (e.g. asmith)
  • Password - christian initial and surname (e.g. asmith)
  • Institution code - lt5 (lima tango 5)

Year 11 ONLY - Very highly recommended - use this as the basis for your revision

MyGCSE Science - website that the Science department purchase access to for all Year 11 students. In September students were provided log in information. Access to detailed online lessons, exam questions and answers, checklists and guidance information to help students prepare fully for their exams at the end of Year 11.


BBC Bitesize AQA GCSE revision: Recommended for help with homework. Revision pages, questions/quizzes and video clips free to access

Science Revision guides Very highly recommended for ALL GCSE students - use as the basis of revision (especially in Year 9 & 10.

Available to purchase from the Science Prep room (£9 combined sci, £12 triple - prices Nov 18).

Extra teacher time:

You can also get help from the Science department Tuesday's after school in room 17 at our Science Workshop. Recommended for help with homework, something covered in lessons, catching up if you have been away or just somewhere to come and work with your friends.

Year 11 ONLY revision sessions Tuesday after school (topics covered each week are put up as posters in the department). Recommended to support your own revision. Recap the trickiest topics for the Science exams.

FREE revision planning tools

The following website www.getrevising.co.uk has been shown to ALL year 11 pupils. It is an excellent resource containing a number of revision tools including

Free Revision planner

Free Flash cards

Past papers for a number of different exams

Revision tips

Revision Quizzes

Year 11 STC Exams Feb 18.pdf