Work Experience

Work Experience (WEX)

Work Experience (WEX) forms part of the Work Related Education and Information, Advice and Guidance curriculum. At TTC we recognise that individual students will need different career guidance activities throughout Year 9-13. Individual student needs will be met by a WEX pathway that is personalised to the individual, depending on their specific needs.

Due to COVID 19, we have had to reshape our work experience programmes this year. All Year 10 will participate in a virtual work experience programme in April, whilst Year 12 and 13 can continue to pursue bespoke work experience placements.

Please see a number of virtual work experience opportunities below.

Virtual Work Experience Opportunities
TTC KS5 Pro Wex Booklet - As Of 01.11.16.pdf

Year 10

WEX for some students (1 week)

Year 12/ Year 13

Year 12 Job Shadowing Day

Bespoke WEX opportunities

Contact us

If you require any support with WEX then please call 01255 672116 or book an appointment with Mrs H Gleave our Careers Guidance Officer.

To send a direct Query to Mrs H Gleave, please click the and complete the Google Form to the right.

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