Work Experience

Work Experience (WEX)

Work Experience (WEX) forms part of the Work Related Education and Information, Advice and Guidance curriculum. At TTC we recognise that individual students will need different career guidance activities throughout Year 9-13. Individual student needs will be met by a WEX pathway that is personalised to the individual, depending on their specific needs.

In Year 10, Work Experience is geared towards giving students who are unsure about their future an insight into the world of work and the possible career opportunities available to them. Year 10 Work Experience will also provide those who are striving to gain an apprenticeship or vocational training after their GCSEs the necessary experience required to fulfill these aspirations.

Sixth Form work experience opportunities are also available to our students to complement timetabled lessons, in order to create a bespoke development pathway for employment or career progression. In addition to their academic studies, Sixth Formers are also encouraged to pursue work experience opportunities that are relevant to their area of interest during school holidays.

TTC value the positive impact that Work Experience opportunities can provide. We nurture excellent links with local and national employers as well as alumni, to ensure that current students leave TTC with the soft skills that employers expect young people to possess, in order to gain employment and thrive in their chosen career pathway.

TTC KS5 Pro Wex Booklet - As Of 01.11.16.pdf

Year 10

WEX for some students (1 week)

Year 12/ Year 13

Bespoke WEX opportunities

KS5 WEX Booklet

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If you require any support with WEX then please call 01255 672116 or book an appointment with Mrs H Gleave our Careers Guidance Officer.

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