Curriculum Vitae

Blank CV Templates:

Here are seven different example templates that you can fill in to create your CV. The content is the same but the formatting is slightly different for each, so choose the one you like the look of the most.

Example CV

This is an example CV that you use for reference.

CV Good Example.docx

CV Resource

This document explains what needs to go into each individual section of your CV. Remember that some of these sections may not apply to you, so only include the ones that are relevant. The easiest way to write your CV is back-to-front, so start with the simpler sections at the bottom and work your way up to the top.

CV Resource.docx

Key Skills Examples

This is a list of skills that you could include on your CV, separated by category. All of these skills are transferable between different job sectors. Remember to describe your aptitude for each skill that you include; rather than just ‘Communication’ you could write ‘Good communication skills’. Also remember to focus on skills that you either excel at or are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Key Skills Examples.docx

Personal Profile Examples

Here are some examples of great personal profiles to include at the top of your CV. Use these for reference but do not copy them!

Personal Profile Examples.docx

Good/Bad Words

These images highlight some good and bad examples of words to use within your CV – in particular within your ‘Personal Profile’ section. This information has come straight from employers, and so make sure to include a variety of relevant buzzwords that they will be looking for.

CV Checklist

Once you have finished your CV, use this checklist to make sure that it is complete.

CV Checklist.docx