Primary to Secondary Transition

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

Wherever we go, a move to a new school is exciting and scary for your child. We want to offer your child all the support they need to be successful at TTC.

Transition Team Visits - Our new Year 7 Head of Year, and our Assistant Principal, will meet with your child leader and have an open and honest discussion on support and interventions that may help your child. These discussions start from April 19, 2021, and will allow us to gather as much information as possible.

TTC Transition Days 6 & 7 July - Subject to government guidance, on the 6 and 7 of July we will be offering 2 transition days for your child. This will be a mix of taster sessions, team-building with a tutor group, and completion of CATS tests. These details will be confirmed nearer the time. This event will also help your child meet new friends within their tutor groups.

SEND Transition - If your child has an upcoming SEND review, please email us at and we will endeavour to attend.

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to raise please do not hesitate to contact the college using the Frinton Campus email address.

Transition Timetable

Support for Anxious Students

Wellbeing and Resilience Mental Health Service will work with identified students before leaving your primary school, during the summer holidays, and on arrival at TTC. For more information please speak to your Primary School Headteacher.

We look forward to welcoming your child to TTC this September.


College Tie - Compulsory for Year 7 – Year 11. Students should wear the appropriate Colour tie with College motif for their year group, available from our online supplier Anglia. From September 2021; Year 7: Gold, Year 8: Silver, Year 9: Red, Year 10: Gold, Year 11: Silver

Blazer - Plain black blazers with the College logo (boys and girls).

Shirt - Plain white shirt with collar, buttoned at the neck and tucked inside the skirt or trousers, long or short sleeve. No sports or polo shirts or fashion styles.

Skirt - Compulsory for Year 7 – Year 11. College knee-length tartan skirt, only available from our online supplier Anglia.

Trousers - Compulsory for Year 7 – Year 11. College grey trousers available from our online supplier Anglia. No design or fashion features. No jeans, cords, shorts, leggings or form-fitting trousers are permitted in College

Footwear - Plain black, low heeled shoes with full fronts and backs. No trainers, canvas shoes or boots.

Socks / Tights - Black or white plain socks, neutral or black tights.

Jumper or Cardigan - Students are permitted to wear a jumper or cardigan under their blazer but this must be a College jumper or cardigan with the correct colour stripe for their year group. These can be purchased from our online supplier Anglia.

Outdoor coat - A plain dark coat. Jumpers, cardigans, outdoor coats, hooded tops are not to be worn instead of blazers. Students wearing unsuitable outdoor wear are required to leave it in a secure place throughout the College day.

Make-up / Nails - Must not be worn at Thorpe Campus, false, gel or varnished nails are not permitted.

Jewellery / Body Piercings - A wristwatch and/or a pair of small plain ear-studs only may be worn. Nose studs, lip studs and tongue piercings are not allowed. Jewellery must be removed for PE or Technology. Tendring Technology College does not accept responsibility for these items. Inappropriate jewellery may be removed from students and returned directly to parents.

Facial Coverings - Facial coverings are not permitted.

For more Uniform information, please click here.

PE Uniform Requirements

New PE Uniform for Year 7's and 8's and 9s starting September 2021

It is departmental policy for all students to wear the correct Tendring Technology College P.E. uniform.

New Year 7 students starting in September 2021, and Year 8 and 9 students, are expected to have the following uniform:

All Year 7 Students must have:

  • Red and Black TTC Polo (Girls or Unisex)

  • Black TTC shorts or Black TTC skort

  • Black and Red TTC Rugby shirt (Boys Only)

  • White ankle socks

  • TTC football socks

  • Trainers (no converse or plimsolls).

  • Football boots (boys only)

  • Shorts/skort/leggings

  • Girls jumper

  • Boys Rugby top

  • (We strongly advise a gum shield for rugby).

Optional for Outdoor Lessons:

  • Black TTC leggings

  • Black TTC skinny tracksuit bottoms

  • Red and Black TTC sweatshirt

  • Black TTC underlayer

Student Handbook

COLLEGE HANDBOOK 2021-2022.pdf

Interactive Map of Thorpe Campus - Years 7, 8 & 9

A Message from the Maths Team

You will need a scientific calculator for September.

We highly recommend the Casio ClassWiz fX-83GT Calculator - This will be suitable for your whole time at TTC.

These can be purchased from TTC in September for £10.50 or can be purchased in advance elsewhere.

Modern Foreign Language Choice

To register your child's first choice language, please use the below form.