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Walton Sea Cadets

Whether at sea or on land, the Sea Cadets offers young people across the UK amazing opportunities for personal development - by learning new skills and working in teams - we offer an environment where young people find new confidence and inspiration.

Established in 1856 the Sea Cadets was created by communities wanting to give young people instruction on a naval theme. Traditionally old seafarers provided training while local businessmen funded the unit building.

Today, 14,000 young people based in 400 units in towns, cities and ports across the UK are challenging themselves and developing new skills, like sailing, boating and rock climbing - supported by 9,000 volunteers.

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ERASMUS+ Projects

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Global Learning Programme

We are delighted that Tendring Technology College has been chosen to become an Expert Centre for the new Global Learning Programme (GLP) for England. The GLP is a programme of support for schools that can help enhance teaching and learning about global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3. It has six core aims which are to:

  • help young people understand their role in a globally interdependent world and explore strategies by which they can make it more just and sustainable

  • familiarise them with concepts of interdependence, development, globalisation and sustainability

  • enable teachers to move pupils from a charity mentality to a social justice mentality

  • stimulate critical thinking about global issues both at a whole school and at pupil level

  • helps schools promote greater awareness of poverty and sustainability

  • enable schools to explore alternative models of development and sustainability in the classroom.

The GLP focuses on developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of global challenges through subject-based learning in key curriculum areas. It helps pupils to think critically about the issues, and develop skills and values as they consider actions that they and others can take to overcome them.

As an Expert Centre, Tendring Technology College is acting as a hub to provide local, peer-led training and support for teachers in our Partner Schools. This will involve hosting half-termly support meetings to help them to identify each school’s particular training priorities and through the GLP website access the most appropriate professional development to meet their needs. You can find out more and register your interest online at www.glp-e.org.uk or contact GLP Coordinator Valentina Burley vburley@tendringtechnologycollege.org

The Global Learning Programme is funded by the UK government and is managed by a consortium of leading global learning and educational organisations: Pearson (lead), Geographical Association, Institute of Education, Oxfam UK, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), SSAT and Think Global. The programme runs from 2013 to 2017.