Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a scheme designed to improve reading in our students.

This scheme is used throughout Year 7 to 9. At the start of the course all students take a computerised reading test (The STAR Test). This gives them a measure of their true reading age. Books are colour coded in the library to match a range of reading ages. Students select a book from their range.

The book is then read in Tutor Time, between 1 and 1.30 p.m. each day. Older students are available to assist with this. Once the book is complete the student takes a computerised comprehension test on the book. The score is given as a percentage of the correct answers and gives an indication of the understanding of the text. The student then chooses another book in the same range.

The school awards TICs (the school cumulative rewards system) for every score over 70% to encourage progress and reward success.

Every term the students retake a STAR reading test, with the aim of demonstrating progress in reading. Should there be an improvement into the next level of books, then the student chooses from these. The school monitors the progress of each student. It is envisaged that a progress report will be issued to all parents every term.

Parent are able to use Renaissance Home Connect to follow progress. If a parent needs details of this, or have any other queries, please contact Mike Armstrong (

More information for parents can be obtained from the parents section of the Accelerated Reader website.