Purple Mash

Happy Mashing!!!

Our School has a license for the creative online space called Purple Mash.

This site provides educational games, creative tools and programs that children can access at home and at school using their unique login details.

Teachers will be using the site to teach ICT skills which can be applied across the curriculum.

Your child can then save any creations to their own online documents folder which they can revisit at any time to complete or view their work.

There are lots of programs that are compatible with digital devices such as ipads etc and some which are currently being updated by 2simple. All programs are available on computers.

Please remind your child about the importance of keeping their login details safe.

Visit http://www.2simple.com/esafety/2Simple_e-safety_statement.pdfto view 2Simple’s e-safety policy.

To login to purple mash type www.purplemash.com/stjamesme19 into the address bar. Just enter your child’s login details and Purple Mash will be ready to explore! In the very near future, there will be an icon on the school website, which will take you to the login page. I will let pupils know when this has happened.

If you have any questions about Purple Mash, please contact Mrs. R. Osmond who will be happy to help.