Year 5/6

Welcome to Year 5/6 with Mrs McCall

In the Summer term, Year 5/6 will be studying a variety of topics in maths including 2D and 3D shapes and rotation, proportional representation and calculations involving time.

In English, we will continue to read the Michael Morpurgo novel, Listen to the Moon, developing learning around related topics, including aspects of the 1st World War.

The Tudors will be covered in history and in science we will be looking at Meteorology. The topic of relationships will be looked at in SEMH.

Finally, in visual arts we will be discovering a variety of methods of printmaking and how these have been developed over the years. If anyone has any items that they no longer want that might make good printing media, for example stencils, stamps or different shaped plastic or wooden blocks, these would be very welcome. Off-cuts of patterned wallpaper or materials would also be very useful for inspiration!