Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 with Mrs Barlow and Mrs Chambers (PM)

This term we are learning all about 'The Great Fire of London.' We have been working with 'Magic Grandad' to explore what life was like in the past. We have been learning about how the fire started, what houses were like in 1666 and how things were different for people in the past. We have also enjoyed a parent craft afternoon this term. We made houses from 1666.

In maths we are investigating number systems such as learning to order and compare numbers. We have been solving reasoning problems with the help of Roger, the reasoning racoon!

We are also working hard to learn our 2x, 5x and 10x tables.

In literacy we are learning the story of 'The Magic Porridge Pot' and using the structure of this story to write our own stories. After producing our own stories we are also going to be writing magical instructions. We are learning lots of new grammar skills such as nouns, adjectives and verbs. The children are working hard to apply this new learning to their independent writing.

We are working hard in our reading comprehensions lessons. We particularly enjoy searching for comprehension questions around the room to answer.