We want all children to attend school every single day.

All children have attendance reward charts and when they have achieved 100% attendance each week they will stamp their card. Once they have achieved ten stamps they will receive a prize. Children with 100% attendance for the whole of each half term will receive a certificate in assembly where parents may attend. Their names will be put into a draw where there is a prize to be won for someone out of each year group. Prizes will vary each half term.

St Helen's Primary Academy attendance target is 96%. Just a couple of days absence can knock attendance down to below 96% during the first half term. There is still time for this attendance to increase as the academic year progresses. Please encourage your children to attend school. Just one day absence can cause pupils to miss lots of work.

All holidays are unauthorised unless there are exceptional circumstances. This is in line with government legislation. You may be subject to a fine of £60 per child when taking children out of school during term time. Please try to book holidays during the allocated school holidays.

Please check out the government website to see how low attendance can affect your child’s education.


School opens at 8.50 am, children are expected to be in school at this time and go straight to class for registration and be ready to learn by 9.00 am. Doors will close as soon as the children are in school at 8.50am. Children arriving later than 8.50am will need to enter via reception.

Education Welfare

St Helen's Primary Academy has an Education Welfare Officer, Jake Miller. Jake will work alongside office staff to monitor attendance, do home visits, manage attendance meetings and make referrals to the Education Welfare Service.

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