Please see below for information on Safeguarding at St Helen's Primary Academy.

At St Helen's Primary Academy, we take safeguarding very seriously. We have a policy which clearly sets out how we guard everyone's safety in school including worries or concerns we have about religious radicalisation and FGM.

Each week the children have an assembly which reinforces key themes which are based on the school safeguarding principles.


Summer Term

Our main theme for the final term of this academic year is ‘Keeping safe in School’

The assemblies are as follows:

Tuesday 5th June 2018 Who are our trusted adults ? What can we tell them?

Tuesday 12th July 2018 What is bullying and what do you do if you feel you are being bullied?

Tuesday 19th June 2018 What does it mean to be a good friend ?

Tuesday 26th July 2018 How can we make our play times safe for everyone?

Tuesday 3rd July 2018 Special Water Safety Assembly by the RNLI

Tuesday 10th July 2018 Dealing with our worries- reminder of our trusted adults


Autumn Term

Safety around the school buildings and playtimes

· Our school building and how to stay safe

· Emergency evacuation procedures

· Road safety

· Playtime rules and routines

· Playtimes and games

Friendships and Bullying

· Recipe for being a good friend

· Friendship train part one

· Friendship train part two

· What is bullying and how do I manage?

· What is bullying …. Being a bystander

Spring Term

Adults and stranger danger

· Who are our trusted adults?

· Who’s who in our school

· People who help us part one

· People who help us part two

· What is a ‘stranger’

Internet Safety

· Social media safety

· Data protection safety

· Using apps safely

· What is cyber bullying

· Gaming safety

Summer Term

Keeping my body safe and well

· Healthy eating part one

· Healthy eating part two

· Exercise and activities

· Why is good sleep important?

· Personal hygiene and staying healthy

Keeping my mind safe and well

· Meet the school nurse

· Dealing with worries

· Self-esteem and confidence

· Relaxation and resting

· Having a positive mind-set

Please click on the links below to read our policies. You are welcome into school at any time to see the policies in print and to talk through any issues, worries and concerns you may have about keeping children safe in school.

We have very strong partnerships with the Barnsley council social care team.

Our named safeguarding staff members are

Miss V Lewis (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss G Oldham (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Mr J Annetts (Governor for safeguarding)

You can get in touch anytime on 01226 295210

If you are unable to make contact in person, please use the safeguarding contact email:

Please click here to read the latest 'Keeping Children Safe in Education ' document.

Keeping Children Safe in Education

to read our St Helen's Primary Academy safeguarding policy.

STH Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

Please click here to access the Barnsley Safeguarding Board website.

Barnsley Safeguarding Board

Please click here to read our St Helen's Primary Academy prevent policy.

STH Prevent Policy