Phonics and Reading

We believe partnership is essential to achieving success in reading. We ask parents to read daily with their children and record any comments in their planner. This is part of the Home School Agreement.

We use Bug Club across the academy, and Phonics Bug as a basis for teaching Phonics in EYFS and KS1. All children have their individual password to allow access on to the Bug Club website so that they can read books in their 'virtual book bag' as well as the books given to them to read at home. Phonics Bug follows Letters and Sounds closely so phonics is taught in a systematic way.

If children need to catch up with their Phonics and reading we use small group interventions which use a variety of methods to enable accelerated progress. We are beginning to use 'Jelly and Bean' to supplement Bug Club and Phonics Bug at Key Stage 1.

The children in Key Stage 2 use Accelerated Reader which has had a massive impact on reading. Children are given an appropriate level from which to choose their books, and they then use the programme to complete quizzes online. The amount of words read are counted, and a record is kept of percentages achieved in the quizzes.

For more information on Accelerated Reader please see:

Children at KS2 follow the 'Support for Spelling' programme at KS2 when they have completed Phase 5 phonics, which continues their learning of spelling strategies and rules.