As part of school and everyday life, we feel that using new technology can enhance the work we do in a variety of ways. However, we also appreciate that it can also present dangers that we all should be aware of.

Below we have provided some information sheets for you to download and look at, so that you too can better understand the new technologies your children are using in and out of school.

At school, we teach the children the SMART rules of Internet safety. Safe, Meeting, Accepting, Reliable and Tell. To find out more about these rules, click on the link below to download a poster that you can print off and put up at home near the computer.

Key Stage 2 children learned about e-safety, Foundation and Key Stage 1 children learned about stranger danger as part of our Safeguarding Awareness week. There will be a display in school which children can show their work. Key Stage 1 have been learning about strangers and who are our safer strangers and not so safe and what to do if a stranger approaches you. Year 3 have been learning all about e-safety. After watching a video and discussing how to stay safe on the internet, Key Stage 2 made videos, posters, leaflets and designed a webpage to help other children understand how to be safe online.

The following websites will support understanding around eSafety