Student Voice

Student Voice at Sir Herbert Leon 2016-2017

The belief that:

“Pupils themselves have a huge potential contribution to make, not as passive objects but as active players in the education system” Hodgkin Partnerships with pupils 1998

underpins the aim of student voice activities, which serve to give pupils the participation that they need in their own education.

Student voice activities have a direct impact on the individuals who have their voices heard. They:

  1. Enable students to make a positive contribution to their learning environment.
  2. Increase engagement with school and learning and counter disaffection.
  3. Give a better understanding of young people’s insights and capabilities.
  4. Form the basis for developing democratic principles and practice which is at the heart of fundamental British Values within the school.

Opportunities to gather student voice permeate and inform all areas of school life gathered through:

  1. Consultation with student groups about things that matter in school.
  2. Evaluation of the learning experience.
  3. Systematic collection and evaluation of the views of students, across the spectrum of their school experienc.
  4. Student involvement in staff appointments.

Last year’s student voice was successful both inside and outside of school. Some notable successes are: