Ruby House

Hello and welcome to the Ruby House section of the SHL Academy website

Ruby house aims to be a leading force at the forefront of all activities within the academy. We as a house work very hard to ensure that pupils participate and achieve in the curriculum and extracurricular opportunities that are available to them throughout the day. Ruby house has the luxury of having a strong team of tutors and support staff who are all keen for the house and pupils to achieve.

Head of Ruby House

Mr. B. Smith

01908 624720

Ruby House Motto

Ruby house's main focus is for every member of Ruby house, whether pupil or staff, to be determined and dedicated to fulfilling his or her potential, both academically and within the whole academy community. That is why we have chosen as our motto:

"To be valiant, resolute and prosperous"

Every member of the Ruby House team tries to live up to the above bold motto by trying to achieve at every level of the academies community. All Ruby pupils are involved in the running and organisation of Ruby House, especially through the tutor and house rep system. In Ruby house we have a total of seven tutor groups which within each is a house rep who is responsible for driving the performance of the house across all activities and competitions.

House Captain

Ollie Hunt – Ollie is in year 11 and is currently studying for his GCSEs including a BTEC Sport Level 2. He is an influential figure within both the academy and the Ruby house system. He regularly visits tutor groups with messages/team sheets, participates in house competitions, leads house meetings and supports the younger years take part across the Ruby community.

Ruby House Charity

Ruby House will be supporting the Henry Allen Trust which is a local charity close to a number of students and staff. Throughout the year we will be raising money through a series of events and activities within the academy. We as a house and academy are keen to provide a strong link with the Trust. Towards the end of last year the head of houses set up a copper challenge where pupils had to bring in their 1p and 2p coins to create the longest snake. We managed to finish second in the competition raising a little over £28 in copper for our house charity.

Ruby House Song

The main house song we have selected is Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby, for obvious reasons, but we have also chosen an inspirational song to get the pupils believing in themselves which is Eminem – Lose Yourself. The back story for the song is very inspirational and encompasses all that we as a house believe in and it also relates to our motto.


If our students do not attend school regularly they will experience difficulties in keeping up with their studies. In addition they will miss out on many of the activities and opportunities that are on offer in our thriving House community. Absence can reduce the sense of belonging and damage attainment. Setting a good attendance pattern is vital. An attendance of 90% may sound good, but actually means missing 5 lessons in a school week or half a year’s schooling over 5 years.

2016-2017 100% Attendees

Fatima Begum

Liam Miller

Daisy Alexander Maduka

Bethany McGowan

Alfie Osborn

Sept 2017-Present 100% Attendees

Another positive to come from the house attendance competitions was the fact 8AKE won the premier league and 7JLA came second in the attendance cup. Excellent work!


STRIPE is a new initiative at the academy which the pupils are buying into well since its domain. The STRIPE acronym stands for self-manager, team worker, reflective learner, independent learner, participator and experimental thinker. Pupils have target points per STRIPE letter and once reached they qualify to attend a trip.

So far this half term Ruby students have proved very successful in receiving STRIPE rewards. Rewards have included trips to dominoes, behind the scenes at the apple store, MK Dons stadium tour, and many others.

House Achievements

Attendance League

Champions League 3rd

Premier League Champions

Attendance Cup

2nd JLA

Sports Day

2nd in athletics competitions

Interhouse Competitions


  • Football – years 7
  • Lineball – year 9&10, 11&6th form
  • House Logo competition
  • Trampolining - Yr9
  • English Writing - Yr7&8
  • Yr7 Build a bridge competition winners
  • Yr7/8 Golf competition
  • Yr11/6form temple run winners
  • Yr10/11 Lego competition


  • Football – Year 8 Champions
  • Paper Airplane – Year 10/11 Champions
  • Maths Puzzles – Year 9 Champions
  • IT House Competition
  • UNO Tournament winner