Amber House

Welcome to Amber House

Head of House: Mr. J Lambert

Within Amber House we will be positive and brave at all times

All students will look to consistently perform to a high level both in and out of lessons. Within lessons, students will set high standards and will look to become leaders and high performers at all times. Outside of lessons, within all extra-curricular activities, students will be participators and will look to engage into all activities across the house system, to a high level.

Within Amber House we are respectful of others at all times. We are competitive and will look to become winners across all different fields of opportunity. Both staff and students will form a team; a team of which will look forwards, positively, at all times.

Within Amber House we will pay extreme close attention to our STRIPE initiative of we have here at Sir Herbert Leon Academy. During this first half term we will be concentrating on ‘S’ of which stands for ‘Self-Management’. Students will look to be organised at all times both through their timings and the equipment they have on them. Within Amber House, student learning to manage their own time and general well-being is of ultimate importance.

Amber House Captain

Sanjeeve Thalayasingam (Year 11) – Sanjeeve is an extremely positive, hard-working and enthusiastic student within our academy. He is a leader and takes great pride in his performance being to the highest level, within all different fields of work. Sanjeeve is a friendly and approachable individual whom all of his peers look up to. Sanjeeve is Amber House Captain and will lead us to every success through the 2017/18 academic year.

Amber House Vice Captains

I am pleased to announce that we have 4 excellent vice captains who will support Sanjeeve this academic year.

Year 11 – Harrison Mills

Year 11 – Charlie Leach

Year 11 – Erin Thompson

Year 8 – Vanessa Enyo Banini

All Vice Captains will be assisting Sanjeeve to ensure that Amber House are at the forefront of the house system, being brave through participation at all times. Furthermore, they will be encouraging all students within Amber House to partake in all house competitions.

Amber House Tutor Reps

This year’s Amber House tutor reps are as follows:

7DGR – Stacey Merrell & George Hughes

8JBU – Mahfuz Rahman & Obi Reeves

9SAD – Sami Omar, Paris Morrison & Jake Oughton

10SPA – Cody Aldridge

Our House Motto

‘Together, we are brave and courageous’.

We wanted to come up with a motto of which is one of togetherness and positivity. House representatives came up with this as a team; it encapsulates all that we want to do. Participate without fear of defeat, in all different fields of work.

Our House Charity

Soup Kitchen, Milton Keynes

Our House Theme Song

Reverend & the Makers

Heavyweight Champions of the World

Our Attendance

Within Amber House Attendance is a real focus of ours. In order to achieve within school, we must be in school and in all lessons. So far, our attendance has been good and we continue to lead the way within the academy. Attendance is monitored extremely closely; if a student were to have a day off school, a return to school interview with their tutor to discuss why they were not present is had. This is then forwarded to both Head of House who will track closely.