Behaviour For Learning

We look after ourselves

· Behave in an orderly manner when travelling to and from the Academy.

· Arrive at the Academy on time and with all necessary books and equipment for your day’s lessons.

· Make sure you are wearing the correct uniform.

· Lessons are about learning. You are permitted to carry mobile phones / electronic devices to and from the Academy, but their use is forbidden during the school day.

We look after our environment

· Please do not bring cigarettes, matches, or cigarette lighters into the Academy.

· You may only eat at break time and lunch time, in the canteen, or other designated areas or outside buildings.

· Chewing gum and bubble gum should not be bought into the Academy.

· Please put litter in the bin.

· Respective your Academy’s property

We look after each other

· Show respect to other students and teaching staff.

· Behave sensibly, safety and in a non-aggressive way.

· We follow instructions.

· Listen when spoken to.

· Speak politely and use appropriate language when talking.