Behaviour For Learning

In February 2020 a new three step behaviour policy was implemented at Sir Herbert Leon. This policy had a positive effect on the climate for learning within the academy, lessons were focused and students able to make positive progress. We will be relaunching the behaviour policy in September and I would ask that all parents support the school’s implementation of the policy.

Immediate Removal

Aggression . Answering Back . Disrespectful Language . Homophobia . Kissing Teeth . Persistent Distraction . Racism . Refusal to Work . Rudeness . Swearing . Threatening Behaviour .


The student is given a Red Card. An on-call email is sent and the student is collected by a member of SLT

2nd Warning

Not modifying negative or disruptive behaviour, additional negative or disruptive behaviour or behaviour that escalates. Change of seating considered. Student is given a Yellow Card.

1st Warning

Any form of low-level disruption such as not tracking the speaker, shouting out, talking over others and failing to immediately engage with learning.

Teachers will not negotiate or cajole. They will ask politely and expect their instructions to be followed.

Should a student require removal from a lesson, the students will be collected by the member of staff on-call with a phone call placed by the students Head of Year to inform parents that their child has been removed from the lesson and that they will be sanctioned. Detentions will take place on the same day following a conversation between the Head of Year and parents.

All incidents at Sir Herbert Leon are logged, this allows us to track student behaviour and provides the pastoral team with detailed information on the removal which can be shared with parents.

We are keen to develop a reward system where students can be rewarded for demonstrating academy values on a weekly basis. The key to any successful rewards system is that should be regular, visible, simple and admin light. Our rewards system will be developed throughout the year and we will take student voice to ensure that our rewards system is effective and meets our student need

Our first step is to introduce a weekly raffle, which will be held in every Year group assembly, every week. Students will be given a raffle ticket by staff for demonstrating the 3 academy values: Unashamedly Academic, Courageous, Giving. Students who are drawn in the raffle will be presented with a high street voucher.

The Head of Year will nominate 3 students per Year Group per week to receive a ‘Golden Ticket’. These Golden Tickets will be presented in every assembly, every week to students who have been nominated by staff. The ‘Golden Ticket’ will grant a student a free meal for them and a friend in the school canteen. This will be launched from the 21st September 2020.