Here at Sir Herbert Leon Academy we are very proud of our Animal Care Centre. We currently offer BTEC Animal Care at Level 2, with plans to offer the Level 3 from September. For students keen to embark on a career working with animals, this course is life-changing.

Students learn to look after animals in a professional manner, ensuring that their health and wellbeing is prioritised at all times. Our dedicated facility is home to our two goats: Keith and Gary, our bearded dragon: Frankie, our corn snakes: Sebastian and Victor, our rabbits: Oscar, Freya, Basil and Bobby, our guinea pigs: Meg, Esther, Lucy and Matilda and our ex-battery chicken rescue hens: Vera and Ethel.

Both staff and students involved in the Animal Care facility are keen to offer outreach work with the community. Watch this space for upcoming events.

Here is a copy of our Animal Care Plan which outlines our commitment to providing the very best care for the animals at our academy. Please see our Dogs on Site Risk Assessment and SHLA Code of Conduct for Responsible Dog Management on site.

Here at Sir Herbert Leon Academy in Milton Keynes, we believe that all of our pupils are capable of living remarkable lives.

Our commitment to providing our academy community with opportunity, challenge and a wider understanding of the world is exemplified in our Animal Care provision.


In addition to working with, and caring for, our own animals, SHL works closely with other animal charities and organisations to provide a wider understanding for our pupils. One of these is Curly Tails, the local pig sanctuary, which does excellent education work.