Meet the Team

Faye Causer – Director of Sixth Form

I have been a teacher for the last 14 years and I have experience in a number of areas in both academic and in pastoral care. I am passionate about supporting all students to achieve their dream. I will do this by providing them will every opportunity to support their careers aspirations. I believe that all students have a talent and my challenge is to turn that talent into a career so that they are happy and well-rounded individuals.

By attending Sir Herbert Academy Post 16, each student will be given a personalised timetable and the opportunity to take part in enrichment activities. They will also have the best support for those students wanting to apply for University but also employability skills will be worked on for those that choose a different pathway.

Nothing will give me greater pleasure than to see every student blossom into a responsible and successful adult and by attending Sir Herbert Leon Academy post 16; they will have every chance to do this.

Mr Giles – Sixth Form Study and Support Coordinator

After a long career in property and mortgage finance, I have supported sixth formers in their studies since 2009, the last year or so at SHLA Sixth Form. I am very much a Bletchley lad – I was brought up, still live in and was educated in this wonderful town, as have my wife and children. I believe passionately that, whatever the circumstances or backgrounds of our students, they should be given every opportunity they can to succeed in their studies so that they get the very best chances in their lives.

I administer the Post-16 Bursary, which is designed to help our poorer students financially. I work mostly in the Sixth Form study area, where I support students in their studies. I assist students with their university applications, and help them to address any pastoral concerns that may be affecting their learning. Students trust me to give practical help and advice, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see them doing well.

Leanne Sparks-Jones - Key Stage 5 Pastoral Manager

I have been fortunate enough to have worked at Sir Herbert Leon Academy for the past 8 years. I have recently moved into the Post 16 Team, having previously worked as the Student Support Coordinator for Year 11.

I consider myself very lucky to work within our school community and my aim is to have a positive impact on the lives of the young people I work with.

As Pastoral Manager for Key Stage 5 it is my job to ensure that all students are happy, healthy and doing their best, both at school and in their lives on the whole. I want students to believe that anything they put their minds to is achievable. I hope that all our students have long and prosperous careers in jobs that they love and we at Sir Herbert Leon are the stepping stones to that success.