Attendance Matters – Parent Guide

At Sir Herbert Leon Academy, we want every child to find their remarkable and good attendance to school will help them find this. All of our staff will go above and beyond to support our students to attend school every day. There may be occasional challenges and obstacles but they can be surpassed with immediate communication and a creative approach.

Why does attendance matter?

  • Students who have good attendance are more likely to achieve good GCSE grades which may lead to further education, exciting work opportunities and a rich and full life.

  • Students who have good attendance will develop life and social skills for example, team skills and public speaking skills.

  • Students who have good attendance are more likely to have good and supportive friendships which will encourage their attendance further.

  • Students who have good attendance are more likely to be accepted by their desired destination at the end of Year 11. Schools, colleges, apprenticeships and work placements always contact us for a student’s attendance certificate before offering a place.

When should I keep my child off school?

Students should only be off school if they are very ill or if they have a medical appointment. This does not include routine appointments at the opticians or dentists, which must be scheduled out of school hours.

If a student is suffering from a mild illness such as a cough or a cold then they should attend school*. This is better than keeping them at home. We pay attention to the health of our students and we will send them home if we see fit. If you would like us to keep a close eye on your child then please let us know by calling the attendance number on 07813723009 or emailing

If you wish for your child to be absent from school for any other reason, please contact the attendance team on 07813723009 or email them using and you will be advised accordingly.

What should I do if my child needs to be off school?

If you feel that your child is too ill to attend school, please contact the attendance team on 07813723009 or email them using You can leave a message on the mobile number at any time. Please leave your name, your child’s name, their symptoms and the date you expect your child to return.

Please be observant of your child’s illness on the day they are off and if their symptoms start to diminish, please send them in. We always welcome students who come in late after illness and your child will not receive a sanction for being late if you have made us aware of their illness.

Please encourage your child to complete as much school work as possible. All our lessons and resources are uploaded on to google classroom and there is a google classroom for each of your child’s timetabled lessons.

What will the school do if my child is not in school?

Once you have let us know that your child will not be in school, we will let their subject teachers know so that they can ensure that relevant work is uploaded to the google classroom.

If your child is not in school and the school has not been informed, we will send a text message to you by 9.30am. Please do contact the attendance team on 07813723009 as soon as you receive this text message.

The attendance team aims to contact and communicate with the parents or carers of every child that is not in, every day. The aim of this communication is to offer support so that your child can return to school quickly.

If a child is off school with no reason and there has been no communication from home then we may visit your home to check that they are well.

How will the school support my child’s attendance?

The pastoral team will do their utmost to ensure that your child has good attendance and enjoys their time at the school.

When a member of the team contacts parents or carers about an absence, they will aim to get as much information as possible about the symptoms and the situation. There are occasions when a student needs special provision and or assistance to attend school and the team will be creative in the development of solutions and strategies.

In the UK, the average number of days that a child is absent in an academic year is 9 days. We want our students to attend school more regularly than the national average because we want to give them an advantage and the best chance to lead a full life. Therefore, we will ask parents or carers to attend a meeting if they have three days off in one term. In this meeting we will aim to develop strategies and take action to avoid further absences in the term.

What will the school do if my child’s attendance becomes a concern?

You will be invited to attend a meeting when your child has had three days off in one term, this is a supportive meeting with the aim of preventing further absence.

You have a legal responsibility to send your child to school regularly and the school will support you to do this. However, the process below will begin once your child’s attendance drops below 90%.

What will happen if my child is late?

The first bell is rung at 8.35 and your child should be in the building by that time. It is important that students arrive on time to their lessons as late arrivals are disruptive to the learning of the whole class. Late students will be given a break time detention.

What if my child becomes ill at school?

Please encourage your child to let a teacher know if they feel ill. The teacher will then arrange for the child to be collected and taken to their Head of Year where they will be assessed. If it is deemed necessary for your child to go home then you will be contacted immediately.

IMPORTANT – If you have any questions, please contact us on 07813723009 or email us using

*In the current climate, it is necessary to also carry out a COVID-19 test and these can be collected from school.