Learning Intent

Learning intent:

In lessons at Sir Herbert Leon Academy, we encourage a variety of activities within lessons. We follow the format of SONAR (starter, objective, new learning, application of learning, review) to ensure a standard quality and structure across all subjects.

Parents and students can expect to have evident in lessons: probing questioning, different levels of challenge in tasks, debates, paired tasks, visual tasks, ordering tasks, essays, group work, moving image clips, competitions, exam questions and many other activities.

Recent learning walks have shown that differentiation, teacher-student relationships, a positive learning atmosphere and clear progress in the lesson, are areas of particular strength.

Professional development:

We have a PPD programme which helps all of our teachers to constantly refine their pedagogy; it follows a three part model of input, faculty collaboration and cross faculty collaboration. This enables teachers to read current academic material, share good practice within their subject area, and then apply strategies that have been trialled elsewhere in the Academy.

We have a collaborative ethos across the staffing body. Many colleagues have benefited from coaching and completing external courses led by our Academy Trust. Opportunities for career development are actively sought and encouraged.

We are very proud to support NQTs and have a thorough programme to support NQTs through their first year. This has recently been deemed as a very good provision.

We also are very keen to help teachers enter the profession and work closely with a local SCITT provider to help new teachers train and learn their craft.

If you have any questions about Pedagogy at the Academy, please do get in touch with me.

Hannah-Jayne Holmes.