Welcome to Year 5/6

Some useful information about our class!

We are adventurous in our learning, and enthusiastic to develop our knowledge!

Our School Day will begin at 8.45am and finish at 2.45pm.

We will enter and leave through the doors leading onto the playground.

Our teacher is Mr Regan and our teaching assistant is Mrs Green

Our learning this half term:

Literacy – These lessons will be split into spelling and grammar, reading comprehension and extended writing.

Numeracy – Place value, decimals, negative numbers and rounding.

Art – Keith Haring and media art

D&T – Electronic Products

ICT – Using technology and E-Safety

Spanish – Revision and spellings

Science – Electricity

Geography – Atlases and maps work

History – Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

RE – Islam

PE day will be every Monday, please ensure your child comes to school dressed in their PE kit appropriate for the weather!

Please practice reading at home and make a comment in your child’s reading record book. Make sure books and diaries come in to school every day so that I can read your comments and make sure their reading book is changed when they are finished with.

Your child will have a weekly spelling test on a Friday. This is also when you child will be given their new spellings! Please help your child to learn these at home; spelling forms a vital part of the curriculum.

We still have access to Espresso and Times Table Rock Stars which are fantastic tools for boosting your child's learning, and topping up what they learn at school!

Your log in details are in the front of your home/school reading diary.

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Finding Our Bearings!

One of our topics for this term is Maps and Atlases. This is something that we already feel comfortable with after using both throughout ours years at Shafton. We have recently been diving a little deeper into our understanding, by learning a little more about grid references and lines of latitude and longitude. We've still got a way to go before we're taking ourselves off to explore the world with only a map in our pocket, but we are making fantastic progress nonetheless!

Our Classroom for the Year!

This year, we have been lucky enough to turn the old 'Sunshine' room into our new classroom! This has meant that everything we have is brand new and will help us with our learning! We have lots of exciting areas, with plenty of space to explore and show off our learning. Over the coming weeks, we will be filling our empty boards up with high quality pieces of work, and using our surroundings to gain a deeper understanding of our topics!

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In Year 6 'We love to read'

Here is our reading corner. It is filled with books for the children to choose from. They simply pull up a chair and immerse themselves in reading.

We also love challenge in our maths lessons

Here is our maths resources area. The children can take the resources from here to help their understanding as well as choosing some challenge cards.

Take a look at our ICT Area

The children can help themselves to a challenge relating to technology. We also focus on ensuring the children are safe online.

Take a look at the updates we have added to our ICT Area to reflect the changing topics and engage with children's interests

This is our wellbeing area

Inside the plastic box are lots of activities for the children to take. They can also come and sit in the wellbeing area when they feel they need to take a 'Mindfulness minute'.

Take a look at the new updates to our Calm Area reflecting the wellbeing needs of the children after lockdown.

Chloe's story.pdf

Outstanding stories

Every week, children who have shown dedication to reading at home by reading 5 times receive a prize of their choice.

One child chose a notebook. She then took the time to write a story inside at home and shared it with us.

The other children were inspired by her efforts.

How amazing!

Non-Academic Achievements

One of our children has not only achieved amazing things in his academic world this year but has even been scouted to play for Barnsley Schoolboys! Here you can see him being presented with his official tie which was brought to school for him last week.

We are all so excited to see him play soon!

We love to celebrate all the things our children get up to outside of school as well as showcasing their amazing school lives.

Year 6 Summer Newsletter 2021.docx

Summer term has arrived!

Take a look at an electronic version of our class' newsletter this term. It tells you lots of important information as well as a list of all our exciting topics this half term!


Our new topic in science is all about the human body.

Interactive displays

To mark a new topic, we change our display. Take a look at our science area now.


Some of the children were so excited to find out our next History topic was going to be learning about WW2.

They were so eager to start learning about it that we had to start a week early to fit in all the things the children wanted to know more about.

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We started the topic by looking into how WW2 started.

I could not believe how knowledgeable the children already were about the subject!

We then started looking at WW2 Propaganda images and the children were keen to have a go at their own versions.

We used cartilage paper and poster paints to make our own versions. Some children made completely new designs and some used existing ones for inspiration.

Some children pledged to make sure less plastic is thrown into landfill and more is recycled.

Are you doing your part to help them?

Earth Day!

Our Eco Captains found out the date of Earth Day 2021 and decided we needed to do something to mark the occasion.

Therefore, we decided to think carefully about how we could help look after the Earth. The children made a pledge unique to them and make a character to showcase their pledge.

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Meet the Maya!

Our history topic this half term is all about exploring the lives of the Mayans.

We began with a timeline and learning about Mesoamerica. Take a look at some great examples of work produced so far!

Making the Masks

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Here you can see the finished product.

The children used simple templates, coloured pens, feathers and decorative paper to create their masks. Why not try yourself at home?

The masks the children created were not only eye catching and imaginative but also linked very closely to the traditions of Mayan cultures. For example, some decided to add animal prints as Mayan event masks here often inspired by animals. This is because the Mayas believed that animals represented the spirits.

Watch this video full of amazing facts!

Maya Masks

The Mayans wore Masks for many occasions. So much so that temples were decorated with them. With such significance, we decided to have a go at making our own.

Here you can see an example of some notes the children wrote about Mayan masks.

They used our very own class set of Chromebooks to research Mayan masks and then summarised what they found into a short research page.

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His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh

After hearing of the recent death of Prince Phillip on a newsround bulletin, the children wanted to find out more about his life.

I was shocked at how much the children knew about the Royal Family and we decided to look into Prince Phillip's Naval carer and investigate his life before the Queen began her reign.

Take a look at some beautifully presented examples of some of the children's work.

After completing this activity, the children decided they wanted to learn more about the Royal Family. Keep checking back on our class webpage weekly for more amazing examples of work from the children.

Exploring what makes us, US!

In order to explore what makes us unique, we started with something simple, our fingerprints. Fingerprints are one of a kind, just like each of our lovely children.

The children used a fingerprint stamp to put ink onto their fingers and transferred this onto a piece of paper. We then use magnifying glasses to have a closer look and to compare to each others. The children were shocked to see that no two are the same.

This was a symbolic way of discussing how no two people are the same and that we should celebrate the traits that are unique to us!

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To celebrate Easter this year, we decided to go all out! As well as making lots of lovely arts and crafts and singing some songs, we designed invites to an Easter Sunday Service, did a timeline of events in the Easter story and even did some performance poetry!

Look out for all the things we got up to.

Happy Easter Everyone from Y6-2

The Easter Bunny is on his way!

How did we celebrate Easter in school?

Easter video.mp4

Red Nose Day

Celebrating Red Nose day looked a little different this year but we still managed to have fun!

Primary School Quiz and Puzzles - The Red Nose Day Quiz.pdf

The children also had a go at filling in this quiz. See if you can beat us and figure out all the riddles.

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Some children chose to do some baking. Don't these look just delicious?

One child decided to make a Red Nose Keyring.

Remarkable Poetry

As part of our Academies Trust's new initiative to further excite children with their learning, we have been entering Trust wide competitions.

The latest competition was poetry. The children were tasked with writing a poem that reflects 2020.

Our class submitted a range of poetic styles. Some chose to do an acrostic poem, some chose an amazing rhyming poem and some told a story through their writing.

It is going to be impossible to choose which poem to submit to the official competition!

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Lewis McClure - Remarkable Poetry.docx
Summer Schulthorpe.rtf

The History of Mining in Barnsley

As part of our wider curriculum, we encourage the children to learn about the areas in which they live. This term, we focussed on the mining history of our local area.

And since Mrs Grace's husband was an ex-miner, we had all the juicy inside gossip from down the mine!

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World Book Day with MC Grammar

In year 6, we loved listening to MC Grammar's World Book Day song. You can listen to it yourself here.

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Art Work

Here are some examples of the children's own Book Covers. The children really showcased their amazing creativity skills by recreating their book covers.

Who Am I?

Here is an in action shot of the children playing what turned out to be the favourite game of the day.

The children were given a book character to guess. The rest of the class had to answer only yes or no to questions to help the child guess who they are.

Who are your favourite book characters?

World Book Day 2021!

Reading for pleasure is a priority for our children and one of our favourite ways to celebrate books is playing dress up!

All the children and teachers were invited to dress up as their favourite book character for school and take part in lots of exciting tasks such as making our own book covers and pop up pages.

Take a look at all the smiling faces!


Here are some examples of the amazing acrostic poems the children wrote on World Book Day. Some children decided to list some of their favourite books whilst others wrote what World Book Day is all about and what it means to them.

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Our best dressed

The children voted for who they thought was best dressed and here is a photo of our winner.

All the children went to a great effort to get into the spirit and it was a tough decision!

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Here you can watch the film yourself.

Hot Seating

Take a look at the children doing some hot seating this week.

The children wrote questions to ask the Lighthouse Keeper before taking it in turns to become him and answer them in role.

As the pictures show, the children loved using some drama skills and had lots of fun!


The Lighthouse

Recently in Year 6, we have been using Literacy Shed films to inspire our imaginations in writing lessons.

The children have loved using the film 'The Lighthouse' to write a story and incorporate our drama skills into hot seating this week.

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Innovation Inventions

ZT Pitch.MOV

Here is a child pitching her idea to the rest of the class

You can see her design here

This week, we have been designing our own inventions to make the world better by 2030! Here are some examples of what the children came up with.

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Why not have a go at designing your own invention?

Virtual Learning

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This term we have been looking at repeating Patterns.

When it came to completing Rangoli patterns at home, some children had to get extra creative with how they could complete the task.

As you can see, nothing will stop these children having a go at completing tasks. Imaginations can run wild!

Alfie Blackwell - My fact file.pdf
Edited - Alfred Wallace .pdf

It is amazing to see how creative the children are when completing work at home.

I have loved seeing work being sent in so many different ways!

My Movie 1.mp4

Science Experiments

With the key worker children who were in school over lockdown, we chose to do some science experiments that we would not normally have chance to. We investigated the strength of our soap as well as what happens when we try poke a pencil through a bag of water.

Recently a lot of the children have been doing their learning from home. However, that has not stopped them showcasing how amazing they are and the projects that they have produced have been great! Take a look at just a few examples of how the children have done themselves proud.


When the children started year 6, we learnt about Islam and the five pillars of Islam. At home, children have been learning about Islamic celebrations.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

We learnt about Ramadan. Then, we created a daily act of kindness calendar which is something Muslims will follow during the month of Ramadan. Finally, we learnt about Eid. After gathering all the information, the children wrote acrostic poems.

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In science this term, we have been learning about evolution and inheritance. We started with defining evolution and then moved onto investigating the work of Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace.

My Movie 2.mp4

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

With restrictions still in place in our area, we as a school wanted to make Christmas as special as possible for the children.

We had to do some things slightly different but the children loved the experiences we were able to provide.

Year 6_2 surely made my first Christmas at Shafton Primary a memorable one!

What else have we been up to?

In order to consider the religious aspects of Christmas and the time leading up to it, we decided to explore Christingles.

We learnt what they were, what each element represented and then created our own.

Here is some pictures I took of the children before they quickly ate them!

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My Video 1.mp4

We hope you enjoy a short video of what we have been up to so far!

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

But the fun didn't stop there!

Not content with just making calendars, cards and Christingles, we decide to go the extra mile and make some 3D baubles to decorate our trees at home.

Most of the children chose such elaborate designs that they, in the end, had to take them home to complete. Best homework ever surely?

Thankfully, two boys finished theirs so we can show you what they look like assembled.

Winter Scene descriptions

For our assessed piece of writing, we chose some snow scenes and wrote some descriptions of those scenes. The children used the figurative language skills we had been practicing and wrote some outstanding pieces.

I had to share this one with you!


We looked at what the trenches were like for the British soldiers in WW1 and labelled the features of a trench.

Lest We Forget

Every year, the children spend time remembering the fallen soldiers who fought in the war.

To mark Remembrance day this year, we wrote letters home as if we were soldiers fighting in WW1. We also wrote a fact file to explain the significance of the poppy. It was so interesting to read what the children thought.

We learnt about the trenches, the Christmas Day football match and what life was like during WW1. The children loved taking a look through time and imagining themselves as soldiers.

Before taking part in the two minutes silence to think about remembrance, the children created some breathtaking and emotive posters to explain their interpretation of what it meant to them.

Copy of y6 webpage.pdf

Year 6 loved the charity single for Children in need this year. Why don't you have a listen and see what you think?

Children in need

To mark the annual event Children in Need, our school had a none school uniform day where the children dressed in charity t-shirts to raise money for Children in Need,

In the afternoon, year 6 learnt about the history of the charity before using our creative skills to put our minds to drawing Pudsey bear.

Why not have a go yourself? Click the link to follow the simple guide to drawing Pudsey https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/tg-a-87-how-to-draw-pudsey-animation

Vicious Vikings!

After learning all we could about the Ancient Egyptians, we began investigating the lives of the Vikings. Some of the children absolutely loved all the guts and gore the Vikings brought to battle. To begin with, we learnt about all their raids. Coming from Scandinavia, the decided to attack Britain to claim its land. The first raid was on the island of Lindisfarne.

We decided to retell the events in a violence filled story. Beware, these stories are packed with guts and gore.

y6 viking raid.pdf

Taking learning home

One child was so inspired by the Viking Raid's story that he took the time to make a Viking Long ship with his Lego collection at home and brought it into school to show off. With his permission, I had to showcase this creativity and share it on our class webpage!

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Life as a Viking

Despite the Viking Raids and battles, in year 6 we also remember that they were humble farmers in their homelands. After all, so many of us are descendants from Vikings!

We learnt all about what life was like as a Viking. With so many exciting and interesting facts learnt, we decided to create mind maps. Here are some amazing examples created by the children.

y6 Viking Life.pdf

Making Shields

Viking battles could get extremely vicious and dangerous so we decided we needed to create some protective shields.

Time to get messy with the paints. Don't dirty your PE kit!

Deserts around the world

Our new Geography topic this half term is all about deserts. To begin with, we learnt how they are formed.

Next, we learnt about the different creatures that live in the desert and wrote a brief fact file about them. The children couldn't resist using their art skills and we decided we would draw them as well.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Take a look at what we have been doing in Geography!

This term we are learning about ordinance survey maps. Firstly, we investigated a map of the local area. Here are some photographs of the children finding places they knew on those maps.

Recycling week

In school, we have recently celebrated Recycling Week. This is an annual event that aims to tackle the issues related to recycling and climate change.

We wrote an emotional piece of writing aimed at increasing recycling. We also created colourful and eye catching posters to display around our classroom.

Take a look at some examples below.


Have we convinced you to recycle more?

Meet our class Eco Warriors

Take a look at some examples of our writing below.

Eco writing year6.pdf
year 6 eco writing.pdf

Fun with Science!

Our science topic this term is all about electricity. To start, we looked at how to be safe when using electricity.

Now, we are having fun creating and manipulating circuits. Take a look at some of the children in action as well as our science challenge area.

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Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image
Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Take a look at some of the children wearing my flower crown full of autumn flowers.

Take a look at the amazing wreath we created. Each child chose a verse of their poem to write on a leaf and we collected them all together to create our class wreath.

Doesn't it look fabulous!

Harvest Day!

To celebrate Harvest, we wrote poetry and filled a class wreath with the verses the children wrote.

In the afternoon, we then decorated pumpkin templates to create 3D tissue paper models. We can't wait to show you the finished products!

MR y6 writing.pdf

Black History Month

To celebrate Black History month, across both year 6 classes, we learnt about the footballer Marcus Rashford. Rashford has recently received an MBE due to his lengthy campaign for Free School Meals. Thanks to him, all children who were entitled were able to access food over the summer holidays after what was a difficult year for their families.

The children wrote emotive pieces filled with facts about Marcus Rashford as well as how they thought he was a good role model to them. Many wrote how they were thankful and the work the children produced is now showcased around school.

Andy Warhol Artist Fact Sheet.pdf
Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Here is the 'Art Gallery' displayed in our classroom.

Keep an eye out on this area as week by week, more eye catching pieces will be displayed!

Art all about Andy

This half term, in our art lessons, we have been looking at the famous artist Andy Warhol. We have created fact files about him, imitated some of his famous pieces and the children turned their own portraits into a piece of art

art y6.pdf

Take a look at the children in action as they try to replicate one of Andy Warhol's most famous pieces of art, the Campbell's soup can!

The children loved learning about Cleopatra. After learning all about her life, we created a news report.

Cleopatra's younger brother Ptolemy XIV died in mysterious circumstances. We decided there was no better person to blame but the Queen of Egypt herself.

The children wrote their own version of events to describe how the events may have happened. We exaggerated slightly to showcase the children's fabulous imaginations.

You may be shocked at the details they created!

Our Egyptian Display board is now so full that we can't fit anymore on!

Here is one of our children dressed as an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh

Here you can see that the children have placed the Amulets where the Ancient Egyptians would on their mummies.

Ancient Egyptians

Our history topic for this half term has been all about the Ancient Egyptians.

We have learnt about hieroglyphics, the Egyptian Gods, Pharaohs Tutankhamun and Cleopatra and the process of Mummification. We have also created timelines of all the most significant events in Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt y6.pdf

To end our topic of the Ancient Egyptians, we looked into their death ritual. After learning all about the process and discussing it, we decided we had to have a go at mummifying each other.

Now, of course we couldn't remove the children's organs or mash up their brains! But, we could place the amulets in the right places, take writing from the book of the dead and wrap them up like real mummies.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Look at the smiles on the children's faces.

They loved creating their own mummies and it is an hour of school they will never forget. There is no better way to showcase their knowledge of history than with some role play. Wouldn't you agree?


This year, Shafton Primary have began teaching PHSE through a new scheme. Each term, the whole school teaches to the same theme but the topics covered differs depending on the age of the children.

The first theme is all about Relationships. This not only includes safe and healthy loving relationships but also focusses on quality friendships.

The children are loving the creative aspect of this topic so far and the work they have produced already is heart warming and inspirational!

BUZZ fun!

The children ended their science topic with some design and technology fun.

We created buzz wire games. The children used 2 pieces of wood and some metal wire to create a game.

The player would have to navigate the track using the handle and try not touch the wire. Whenever the handle toucher the wire, the lightbulb would light up.

The children completed a science experiment the week before and we found that tin foil was a great electrical conductor so we decided to wrap our wire in tin foil.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Game in action

Here you can see one child who got their game working in class.

He was able use his knowledge of simple circuits and electrical conductors to get the game working.

The children decorated their games however they wanted. Here is one of my personal favourites.

Experimenting with Light

We conducted a science experiment to investigate how light travels.

Follow our simple instructions to conduct the experiment yourself at home.

And of course, as our learning topics change, we continue to update our classroom. Take a look at what our science area has become.

Step 1: Collect the Materials you are testing

Step 2: Turn on the torch

Step 3: Shine the torch onto the material

Step 4: Determine whether the material is translucent, transparent or opaque.

More updates to our science learning!

As our topics change, so too do our areas.

Take a look at how the science area has been changed to reflect the newest topic; evolution and inheritance.