Welcome to Year 6.

Our Teacher is Miss O'Brien.

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Grace & Mrs Green.

Key Information:

Our start time is 8:45 am and our finish time is 2:45 pm.

We enter and leave school through the main playground doors each day.

Our PE day is Monday, please ensure your child has an outdoor kit consisting of: trainers/pumps, t-shirt, jogging bottoms/leggings and a jogging top.

Our learning this half term:

Here is our immersive and engaging curriculum for the first half of the autumn term!

· English Our lessons are split into 4 areas of learning which are: grammar, reading comprehension, writing and spelling.

· Maths Investigating number systems & general arithmetic.

· ICTUsing technology & e-safety.

· RE - Islam & Harvest Festival.

· DTElectronic products.

· ScienceElectricity.

· HistoryAnglo-Saxons (Revision from Y5).

· Geography - Atlas and map work including ordnance maps.

· ArtFamous Artists including Kandinsky.

· Child-Led Martin Luther King

· Shafton DriversRole models & how to manage change.

Remember to use Espresso and Times Tables Rockstars. Your child's username and password can be found in their reading diary.


Spellings - Every Friday your child will be set new Spellings and tested on them the following Friday.

Times Tables - if your child is not confident with their times tables, they need to practice them, as they will use them in their Maths SATs papers.

Reading - it is important that your child is regularly reading. Free-readers can bring a book they are enjoying from home or they can choose a book from our reading area. Make sure books and diaries come into school everyday for Book Club.

PE - Rugby

Autumn Term

As we move through the half term, the children are developing their rugby skills. This week we began incorporating kicking into our rugby games! It looks like we may have some future rugby stars in our class. Check out these slow motion videos from our outdoor PE session this week.

Video_1 (1).mov
Video (9).mov

Martin Luther King

Autumn Term 1

This week, we began our child led learning in Y6. Within this area of learning, children alternate their learning between their favoured areas of interest on a half termly basis. Martin Luther King is our first topic of interest!

Here we are creating Google Slides on our Chromebooks. Once we have finished our Google Slides, the children will use the interactive board to present their work and teach Miss O'Brien all about Martin Luther King.

Can you spot your child enjoying the independent research on their Chromebook?

Wassily Kandinsky

Autumn Term 1

The children in Y6 have been itching to start our practical Art lessons this half term, it was lovely to see and hear the joy around our classroom during our latest lesson.

Prior to our practical Art lesson, we spent some time researching our famous artist (Wassily Kandinsky) using iPads and Chromebooks, then produced some wonderfully written fact files.

Here are the marvellous children in Y6 using water colour paint to recreate the famous 'Colour Study: Squares with Concentric Circles'.

Tell me, what is the difference between a closed circuit and an open circuit?

What is the same and what is the difference between a bulb and a battery/cell?

Super Science in Y6

Autumn Term 1

We are ecstatic to be learning all about electricity! We have been absorbing so much information in science, since we returned to school this term. The children in Y6 have worked incredibly hard so far!

We have created some wonderful timelines on the history and development of electricity. Additionally, we have created our very own electrical circuits!!

I believe that we will be creating some very complex and detailed circuits as we progress through the term!

Here are some photos of the children creating a circuit, which included a bulb.

The children used electrical circuit symbols to then draw and annotate their circuits. #pushthelimits


Autumn Term 1

I spy with my little eye...some budding Rugby Six Nations stars!

The children in Y6 have been so excited to get stuck into our vast PE curriculum again this year! This week marked to beginning of both our indoor and outdoor PE sessions. In our outdoor session, we began to explore and practice our rugby ball skills. Firstly, we discussed the rules of rugby...no forward throwing of the ball. Then, communication is key!!

Here are some action shots from our very first PE session - the children blew me away with how quickly they mastered rather tricky rugby ball skills! WOW!


Autumn Term 1

The children in Y6 have been very excited to begin exploring music this academic year!

We have began our Y6 learning by revisiting the musical notes. Children worked independently to create their very own musical beat on a music sheet!

There knowledge of musical notes hits the high note!! Well done Y6.

Here we are enjoying our Music lesson...

Did you know, place names that include the following prefix/suffix may be steeped in Anglo-Saxon history?






Autumn Term 1

We have began the new term by diving back into our vivid history curriculum and we are loving it!

During Autumn term, we will be revisiting the Anglo-Saxon era in British History. So far, we have made a wonderful cross-curricular link with Geography by locating Anglo-Saxons place names on maps/atlases.

The children in Y6 became very competitive during this activity and put their map reading skills to good use! We also discovered that there are some potential Anglo-Saxon place names within Barnsley too!

Can you spot your child in the photos from our History lesson?

Our wonderful classroom!

Scroll down to see our classroom environment!

We are taught a wide variety of subjects and topics through the use of artefacts, books, videos and pictures. Within our classroom you will find: calm corner, maths area, literacy area, history area, our science area and our ICT area. All our children love diving into continuous provision to further develop their subject knowledge, but to also allow their curiosity, resilience and vocabulary grow!

Here is our wonderful and interactive maths area, where you can complete a variety of Y6 challenge cards.

During Autumn term, we will be exploring everything there is to know about electricity! We will be creating our very own circuits and electronic games.

Our calm corner is an area that encourages children to take a breath, recharge and practice mindfulness. Here they will be able to write in their diary, complete mindful colouring or simply have a minute to themselves.

Our ICT area is growing!! In Y6, we have been lucky enough to receive brand new iPads and Chromebook! Children are encouraged to use these devices to conduct independent research across the curriculum.

Within our Literacy area, children will be able to quietly practice their spellings and handwriting. Alternatively, children may take a copy of our class book to read in our reading corner.