Year 5

Year 5 - Mrs Hemingway

Welcome to Year 5

Our teacher is Mrs Hemingway

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Grace

Important Information

Our PE days: Monday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor)

Please make sure PE Kit in in school on Monday and left in school until Friday.

New spellings will be given out on Wednesday and tested the following Wednesday. Homework will be given out on Friday and expected in on Tuesday.


Reading is REALLY important in our class. Children are expected to read at least 3 times per week at home to an adult.

Reading to someone else is different from reading to ourselves - we have to use expression, take notice of the

punctuation and understand what we're reading. There is a Reading League in the classroom. If a child reads 3 times in a

week to an adult at home and this is recorded in their Reading Record, their name moves up the chart. Every time a child

reaches World Cup Reader, they can choose a prize out of the treasure box.

On a Wednesday Morning Mrs Stephenson comes into our class to teach Geography. This term our topic is Rivers.

Our other topics include:

History - Parliament and Coal Mining

Science - Forces and Magnets

PE - Dance and Tag Rugby

DT - Cooking and model making

Art - Developing painting skills and Claude Monet

In Science we have been exploring 'Magnetism' using a wide range of magnets.

Our practical investigation involved testing the strength of the magnets. We all managed to make clear predictions.

We then learned the importance of changing only one variable and why it is necessary to keep other factors the same, if we want to plan a fair test.

We had great fun experimenting!

During one of our practical investigations, we looked closely at the iron filings and we could clearly see the magnetic field surrounding each of the magnets.

In Design and Technology we have been making models of 'A River System' with Mrs Stephenson. We had to think very carefully about the features of a river, before making our models.

Working as a team proved to be great fun!

Our Class Visit to the National Coal Mining Museum

After collecting their protective helmets, batteries and lamps, Year 5 then travelled 140m underground (via a lift) to complete their 'Hands-on History Tour' with Mr Paul Grace.

Our 'Underground Tour' was fascinating!

Through role-play, we were able to experience what life would have been like working down the mines before, during and after the Victorian Period.

We had so much fun!

We met the ponies...

Finn, Eric and Bud!

During our 'Underground Tour' we discovered why pit ponies played an essential role in mines. We were shocked to learn that during the Victorian Period, pit ponies would work down in the mines for 50 weeks per year.

Pit ponies would then be given a holiday break of only 2 weeks, where they would be lifted to the surface to enjoy grazing in a field during the month of August; before returning back to work again!

Did you know that...

Canaries were used to help protect the working miners?

We discovered that canaries were used to sense the presence of gas. This enabled the miners a chance to escape to safety!

We had fun exploring the Galleries.

Dressing up as a modern day miner proved to be so exciting!

We finished our visit exploring the New Adventure Playground!